New Beginnings

Abby's POV
I couldn't believe what Harry had told me. Could this really be happenning? or was this some weird kinda dream I was in. I didn't know what do stay friends or take it it to the next level. I didn't want another heartbreak after everything that happen with me Jason. I just really have to think this over.

Harry's POV
I finally had the guts to tell her tonight how I felt and didn't get the reaction I expected to get . She just look at me seriously, did I scare her off? or was she just shocked? Maybe I should have waited a little bit longer after all she did just get out of a relationship. I just don't want to lose her she's my everything in simple words I love her.

Jason's POV
Seeing Abby tonight with another guy just tor me up inside. Seeing him make her smile, blush, and laugh like I use just ate me up inside. I know it may be to late to get her back but at least I can try. I just gotta get her back!


3. Could This Really Be Happening?

Harry's POV
It was another boring Saturday. Hmmm I wonder what Abby is up to I thought. That's all I could think about lately for some reason. Ever since the day I met Abby I just couldn't get her out of my mind. I reminded myself that she had a boyfriend to try to get her out of my thought but that didn't work. I'll just call her just to check up on her I thought.
She answered.
"Oh Hello Harry."
"I was just calling to check up on you. How are you doing?"
"Oh I'm fine, thanks for checking."
"No problem. just don't wanted to hear that and I was also kinda wondering if you weren't doing and maybe we could go grab dinner together?"
"Um this isn't a date is it?"
"Oh no just two friends grabbing dinner together."
"Oh okiee then in that case no I'm not doing anything and I would love to grab lunch with you."
"Alright, pick you up around 7?"
"Alright well then see you later then."
"Alright see you later." she hung up.
Time to get ready and look good for Abby.

Abby's POV
I was ready for my dinner get together with Harry when Jason showed up at my house.
"Dang it's like you knew I was coming babe."
"Um actually no babe, I'm sorta going out with Harry to lunch."
"Harry?! Who is this Harry?!"
"He's a friend of mine and that's it I met him the day you walked out on me in the cafe."
"So let me get this straight he's taking my girl out?"
"Pretty much."
"I forbidd you to go out with that dude!"
"Omg really babe he's just a friend!"
"I don't care your not going anywhere with him!"
"What?! Look I don't have time for this."
Harry had just pulled up.
"Look I have to go!"
"Don't you walk away from me Abby! don't you...I got in the car and without looking back we were gone.

Jason's POV
I couldn't believe Abby had ditched me for the stupid idiot. If she could go out with other guys then so could I! I got in my car and drove to the nearest bar. I ordered two tequila shots and scanned the room for the lucky girl who would be taking a shot with me but most importantly the lucky girl I would be taking home with me tonight. There was a hot blonde giving me a lip bite. She was totally into me so I walked over with the shots and so the night begun.

Abby's POV
What a nice restaurant Harry had brought me to the food was esquisit and the service was devine. Harry was so sweet a true gentlemen if only Jason could be more like him I thought. Harry took my hand and I was startled.
"oh um?"
Harry shushed me with his finger.
"Abby there's something I need to tell you."
"Oh god please don't tell me we can't friends anymore" I thought.
"I really like you, I've had these feelings ever since I saw you that one day at the cafe."
"but Harry you know I have a boyfriend I said pulling my hand away slowly."
"I know and I hate the way he mistreats you. You deserve to be treated like a true princess."
"I know but..."
"No buts Abby if you leave him for me I promise you I won't keep you waiting by the phone."
and without a warning Harry kissed me.
I felt so many things at once sparks, butterflies in my stomach and guilt. I pulled away quickly I'm sorry Harry I can't do this not to Jason I ran out. As I was walking thought out the city I finally reached my destination Jason's house. I looked for the key under the mat he always kept one there for some reason. I entered the house in search of him but all I could hear is some noise coming from his bedroom do I decide to go up to see what was going on. I opened the door and there he was my boyfriend of 7 years was having sex with some blonde. I couldn't believe it my heart broke into two pieces and my eyes seemed to be flowing a river I closed the door and ran out before Jason would try to catch me and there I was feeling guilty about kissing Harry when he was nailing some other girl. Yup this was definitely the end for us.

Jason's POV
I'm glad she seemed me doing some other girl she deserved to suffer and be hurt for hurting me and ditching me for that stupid idiot. I honestly don't care if we ever get back together I mean I have this amazing blondie who will give it up unlike Abby's Virgin self. I had everything I wanted finally.

Abby's POV
Could this all really be happening I thought as I ran down the street to my house. Mascara dripping from my eyes or is this all just a bad dream I can't wake up from?

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