Falling From Cloud 9

Katja has led a normal life so far, born and raised in Melbourne, Australia and has been living in England for a number of years.
She has been through heartthrobs and breakups, and there was a particular one that had happened a few years back, but Katja is quite happy with her boyfriend Jake.
Everything turns upside down when Katja bumps into a few old friends from when she first moved to England. She has to keep her feet firm on the ground and make decisions that no one wants to make.


2. Still in love

Katja's POV

I parked my car outside Zayn and Perrie's apartment building and walked in, up a number of staircases and got to the front door. I knocked on the door and pushed a brown curl out of my face. A few minutes later the door opened up and Zayn stood there.

"Katja, it's been ages!" he said pulling me into a hug.

"Yeah, I missed you!" I reply. It felt good to see an old friend like Zayn again.

"What brings you back to England?" he asked.

"I've been relocated." I reply. My acting career was good, I just had to be here rather than my home country, which is a pain in the ass. But it's good to see old friends.

Just then Perrie came around the corner. "Katja, you're here." she said, pulling me into a hug. Perrie was the one friend I could talk to about anything. I loved Eleanor and Danielle, but me and Perrie are inseparable, or used to be. We had that little special bond, and I think Eleanor and Danielle were in the same boat.

To make things awkward, I mean, REALLY awkward, Harry walked around from the corner. Somethings I really wasn't hoping to cope with.

"Katja?" he asked, questioning his eyes. "Aren't you meant to be in Australia?" Clearly, Perrie and Danielle hadn't told Harry. I suspect they told everyone else though.

"No, I've been relocated." I replied. I REALLY didn't want to talk to Harry at the moment.

"Ok, we're going to pick Dani and El up. Bye Harry, see ya Zayn." said Perrie giving Zayn a kiss on the cheek.

"Bye." I said, looking over my shoulder and waving at Zayn. Thank god, Perrie must've known I didn't want to talk to Harry.


Zayn's POV

"I told you not to come over this morning." I said. Why did Harry not listen to me?

"Yet again, you owe me some clothes I lent to you." he argued back. "You knew she was coming, didn't you?" Oh, great, the 'you should've told me my ex was coming' talk. "What's she doing here and didn't anyone tell me?"

"Harry, the girls missed her like crazy. The accidently bumped into her and her boyfriend in a supermarket."


he nearly yelled. Harry walked into the living room and sat on the couch and buried his face in his hands. I know what's going on. "I think someone is still in love." I say sitting down next to him. Harry just looked at me angrily. "no, I'm not still in love with Katja! It's been two and a half years! I'm over her!" raged Harry. Yep, he's defiantly still in love. "sorry in cracking the shits, I don't know what to feel anymore." said Harry, calming down and burying his face in his hands once more. "I just don't know." I patted Harry on the back. "mate, you're in love. You clearly aren't over Katja still." I said. Harry shook his head in confusion. "what's she doing back here anyway?" "she got relocated, Harry. She didn't decide this." I said. "she's gonna be at the party, can you please at least try be friends with her?" Harry leaned bak against the sofa. "the girls invited her, didn't they?" I nodded. Harry sighed. "I'll TRY be friends but to be honest, I think she's still pissed at me." "mate, she moved back to Australia, she must've been extreemely angry." I replied. I honestly don't think that was the right thing to say anymore. "well I'm in for a fantastic night." said Harry sarcastically. "now seriously, I need my clothes back."
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