Falling From Cloud 9

Katja has led a normal life so far, born and raised in Melbourne, Australia and has been living in England for a number of years.
She has been through heartthrobs and breakups, and there was a particular one that had happened a few years back, but Katja is quite happy with her boyfriend Jake.
Everything turns upside down when Katja bumps into a few old friends from when she first moved to England. She has to keep her feet firm on the ground and make decisions that no one wants to make.


1. An old friend

Katja's POV

"You go get the milk i'll go find the two minute noodles." i said, giving my boyfriend Jake a kiss on the cheek. he walked off on his mission and i continued with mine,walking down the supermarket isle.

I walked down the isle, and found what i was looking for, when i heard two familiar voices call my name. "Katja!' yelled one.

"over here!" said the other.

I turned around. non other than to see two old friends of mine running towards me with shopping in their hands. was that really them?

"Danielle? Perrie?" i said, questioning my eyesight. holy shizz its them! I bolted towards them, giving a huge hug.

"how long has it been?" asked Perrie, still shocked that she saw me.

"i think about two or three years now." i said, remembering the last time i saw them. No, i wont bring those thoughts back into my head. I've moved on.

"Eleanor misses you like crazy." said Danielle. "so do we."

I smiled. "i missed you too guys. where is Eleanor by the way?"

danielle shrugged. "with Louis or getting some thing."

I nodded. "so what have you guys been up two?"

"well, us and the boys are having a party, you should come with." said Perrie, obviously wanting to spend some catch up time with me. "we could pick you up at 11 in the morning and help you pick an outfit."

I felt someone tap on my shoulder. I turned to see Jake standing there. "you ready, babe?"

You turned back and looked at Danielle and Perrie. "guys, this is my boyfriend Jake. Jake this is Perrie and Danielle."

"hey." he said, waving one hand.

"hi, maybe Jake could come along tomorrow?" suggested Danielle.

"babe, you wanna come along to a party tomorrow night?" I asked.

"sure I'll be there." he said looking at the other girls."Katja, we really have to go now."

"you go to the checkout I'll be there in a minute." I replied. Jake walked off and i started talking to Danielle and Perrie again. "you guys still live in the same place? I'll be over at 11 tomorrow."

"sure thing. see you tomorrow." said Perrie, giving me a good bye hug. so did Danielle.

I went to the checkout and met Jake there. we both then payed and left. When we got home I realized what situation I had just put myself in. I'll see if I can avoid it tomorrow, if I can.

Harry my ex would probably be there.


Danielle's POV

"do we tell Harry?" asked Perrie in the car.

"only if he asks, he'll find out tomorrow anyway." I replied. That was the one small problem with inviting Katja to the party tomorrow night. Harry. They had gone through a really bad break up about two and half years ago, and I don't think Katja will be forgiving Harry anytime soon.

We got back to Perrie and Zayn's apartment, and found Eleanor, Louis and Zayn sitting in the living room. "should we tell these guys at least?" asked Perrie again.

"tell us what?" asked Eleanor, turning around and facing us.

I looked at Perrie, then at the others. "we saw Katja today, and she's coming to the party tomorrow."

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