All is fair in love and war

(The boys will be UNFAMOUS throughout this.) Renee Scott and Louis Tomlinson have been best friends since they were babies. But Louis moved to the US a few years back, and lost all contact to him. What happens a few years later, when she sees an unexpected face at the school she is attending?


2. Unexpected

I remember that moment, me and Louis playing by the swings, when we promised to be best friends forever. That was 2 years ago. I'm 18 now, Louis isn't much older than me. We just lost contact, but I don't know what happened.. I miss everything about him. His peircing blue eyes, and his light brown hair, his style, his sassiness. Just, everything. We used to hang out everyday, and I've always secretly liked him. But, he would never like me.

Dark brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, short, I'm shy whenever I meet new people, I was just.. Me. He would never like me like that... Now I lay here, on my bed thinking about Louis. Then my phone buzzed.

"Hello love, would you like to go for some coffee today?" It was a text from Jake, he was my boyfriend. Oh crap! Now I'm sitting here thinking about Louis. Okay Renee, snap out of it, you have a boyfriend... I quickly texted back. "Of course, does 10 sound fine?"

"Yeah, see you then gorgeous! xx" I really did love Jake, we've been together for over a year now, and he was just the sweetest thing ever. 

I looked at the time, 30 past 9. Oh shit! I needed to get ready... I quickly showered and changed into a white shirt, and tucked it into a coral skirt, and coral flats, curled my hair, and added a bit of mascara and eyeliner. I looked at myself in the mirror. Perfect. I had a quick glance at the time, 9:50. Just enough time to go to starbucks. 

I rushed downstairs into my car and quickly headed out. By the time I reached Starbucks, it was exactly 10. Right on time. I got out of my car and headed inside, to see Jake already at a table with my favorite coffee. I walked over to him and hugged him from behind. "Hello love."

"Good morning gorgeous, how are you today?" I smiled and sat down in front of him, and took my coffee and had a sip. 

"Lovely, you?"

"The same." 

We talked about some other things as well, parents, music, etc. Then I realized I should tell him something. Just yesterday I got a letter in the mail that I was accepted into school again, and that I would start going next week! I was super excited. "So.. Jake, I have some VERY exiting news!" I flashed him a grin. He looked at me with a smile, waiting for my answer. I took a deep breath, "I'm going back to school next week!" I jumped in my seat with excitement.

"That's.. AMAZING! Congratulations babe, I'm happy for you." He smiled at me again, and pecked my lips.

"Thanks." I smiled again. 

- a week later -

I was so excited, today was the first day I'm back at school. I put on some dark skinny jeans, boots, a loose teal sweat, added a little makeup, and I was out the door.

When I arrived, I went to the office, got my schedule and I was off. I was headed to my first class, and wasn't looking until I bumped into someone, making me fall backwards and drop my books. 

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry love, are you okay? I wasn't looking." 

I quickly sat up and grabbed my books. "Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks fo-" I cut myself and looked up, and saw a face I haven't seen in ages.

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