All is fair in love and war

(The boys will be UNFAMOUS throughout this.) Renee Scott and Louis Tomlinson have been best friends since they were babies. But Louis moved to the US a few years back, and lost all contact to him. What happens a few years later, when she sees an unexpected face at the school she is attending?


12. "Three.."

(Renee's POV) 

When we got to Louis' house, he opened his door, and I found four very good looking guys. They all stared at me and smiled. Louis and I walked over to a different couch, as the rest sat on the one beside us. Louis introduced me to his friends.

"Renee, this is Harry," he said, poiting to the one with big brown curls all around his head, with bright green eyes. "This is Niall, the Irish one," he pointed to another lad. He had blonde hair, with dark brown at the roots, I could tell he dyed it. And he had bright blue eyes. "This is Zayn," He pointed to a guy with a dark skin tone, but not very dark, with black hair and chocolate brown eyes. "And this, is Liam," And he pointed to the guy on the very end. He has light brown hair in a quiff, with hazel, puppy dog looking eyes. 

"Hello!" Said Niall. He is quite the cheery fellow.

"Hello love." I heard a deep voice. It was Harry.

"Vas Happenin'?" I laughed. That was Zayn. What an odd way to say hello.

"Hello there." And that was Liam. He sounded like a gentleman.

"Hello there," I paused and smiled, "I'm Renee, if Lou-Lou hasn't told you already." I turned to look at him, he laughed.

They all laughed. When they were done laughing, Harry spoke up,"Well, Boobear over here has talked about you many times!" Louis looked down and started to blush. I smiled at him. His friends were amazing.

We sat there, talking like we've been best friends for years. We got to know each other better, and it was quite hilarious. I found out Liam has this strange fear of spoons. That Niall likes to eat a lot. And Zayn is the vain one. And that Harry is cheeky, and the flirt. We continued to talk a bit longer. But, we all started to get bored.. I'm glad Louis spoke up..

"Anyone up for truth or dare?" Everyone happily agreed. We then sat down in a circle. I started out.

"Hmmm... Zayn, truth or dare?" 


I did an evil laugh. "I dare you to not use your mirror or hair products for a day. He stared at me. Everyone 'oooo'd at him. I gave him an evil smile.

"You're kidding, right?" He stared at me wide eyed. 

"Not at all."

"Alright, fine." We all started laughing. It was Louis' turn.

"Okay then. Harry, truth or dare?"

"Dare!" He practically screamed at the top of his lungs. Ouch. 

Louis was sitting there for a minute, thinking about what to do.. Then he had an evil grin. I got kind of worried, Louis always had the best dares. "Well then Hazza, I dare you, to let Liam use his straightener and straighten your hair tomorrow!" Everyone did an evil laugh. 

"But.. Boobear, I love my curly hair!" 

"Too bad Hazza.. You picked dare, and you MUST straighten your hair tomorrow!" 

"Fine." Harry crossed his arms like a child, and made a mad face. Everyone just laughed. Time for Niall.

"Renee, truth or dare?" Hmmm.. I thought for a while. 

"Dare." I wanted to be risky. He made laughed to himself.

"I, dare you, to.." He paused.

"Dare me to what?"

"To kiss Louis." Everyone stared at me. Even Louis. I stared back. Looking at everyone around the circle.. I turned to look at him, then back at everyone around the circle. I gave Niall a death glare and he just laughed.

"Fine." I faced Louis and kissed him, he kissed me back, but I didn't make it long and pulled away. I turned to Niall. "Satisfied?"

"Definitely." He laughed at me. So did everyone else around the circle but Lou. Zayn broke the laughter and asked Louis truth or dare. He didn't want to be risky, so he chose truth. BUT, Zayn still had an evil look on his face.. He was silent for a second, then said, "You need to answer these three questions. One, is Renee a good kisser?" Everyone laughed. "Two, how many times have you kissed?" Okay then, those questions weren't that bad.. I hope the third one wasn't either. But, I guess I was wrong. "Three, do you love her?" 

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