All is fair in love and war

(The boys will be UNFAMOUS throughout this.) Renee Scott and Louis Tomlinson have been best friends since they were babies. But Louis moved to the US a few years back, and lost all contact to him. What happens a few years later, when she sees an unexpected face at the school she is attending?


10. That doesn't cut it.

That night, I went on Renee's Facebook page. I looked under her name. It read, "Single". What happened? Did Jake break up with her? Or vise versa? I kept scrolling through her page. Then I found it. It said "Went from ' in a relationship ' to ' single ' ". I read the comments. They were mostly like "What happened?" "That bastard.. What did he do to you?" I read the last one. It was from Renee. "Jake cheated on me, then broke up with me. It made my heart shatter to peices. I never knew he could do such a thing." Under that, it read, "Posted 5 weeks ago." That was the day before I made out with Veronica! Gosh, how I could be so stupid?! 

I got up and knocked a lamp over, frustrated. I put my back next to the wall beside it, sliding down it slowly. When I reached the bottom I put my head in my hands, realizing what I had done. I stayed like that. For hours. Then I decided to call Renee. I picked up my iPhone, and dialed her number. After one ring, she answered.

"What?" She snapped at me. Ouch.

"Renee, just listen to me, please!" I begged her. I love her, not Veronica, not anyone else. "Please carrot..?"

"Don't call me carrot."

"Fine then," I paused, "Aubrey. Renee. Scott." She hated being called Aubrey, so everyone called her by her middle name, Renee. "Aubrey Renee Scott," I said once again, "please listen to me." I just sat there, with the phone up against my ear while I waited for her to answer me. "Please?"

"One. Louis, you know I hate being called Aubrey. And two. No. Louis, I haven't seen you for two years. When I saw you at school that one day, it was the happiest day of my life. But then, you just ignored me, for a WHOLE DAMN WEEK! Did you not know how sad I was? It was the saddest week of my life." I couldn't believe what I just heard.. I felt so bad.

She continued, "I walked everywhere, sad, depressed, emotionless, everything that's describes terribly sad. What's even worse is that I decided to see Jake because I was sad. So I went to  house and to talk to him, but I didn't tell him. When I got to his door, I opened it, because I had a key. Then, I see him, on the couch having sex with some slut. Do you know how sad I was? I screamed at him. He said he's been cheating on me for a few months. I broke up with him and walked out the door." 

Okay, now THAT, it terrible. I couldn't believe he could he such an arse to such a pretty girl like her! She continued with her story..

"And the best part is? I see my best friend, Louis William Tomlinson, making out with Veronica. And the sad part is? She's bullied me every the day since I got there." Her voice was cracking the whole time. Then she sniffled. It sounded like she was crying. She resumed again. "I never thought that my best friend, in the world, would do that to me."

I sat there, in silence about what she had just said. "Renee, I'm sorry." 

"No Louis, saying sorry over a phone doesn't cut it." And with that, she hung up.

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