All is fair in love and war

(The boys will be UNFAMOUS throughout this.) Renee Scott and Louis Tomlinson have been best friends since they were babies. But Louis moved to the US a few years back, and lost all contact to him. What happens a few years later, when she sees an unexpected face at the school she is attending?


7. Gone

(Renee's POV) I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock buzzing very louder. I rolled over on my bed, moaning, because I was tired. I quickly stopped the very loud and obnoxious buzzing. I got out of my bed, slowly, feeling very tired. I glanced at the time on my dresser. Oh no! I was gonna be late for school if I didn't hurry up. I got my cuteset outfit I had(I don't know why, I just felt like looking pretty today.) and put it on. It was a dark denim jacket, with a gray, sort of baggy shirt shirt, leggings, and a cute pair of boots. I curled my hair, put it half up half down. Put a bit of mascara and lip gloss on, and tada!

I looked at myself in the mirror, perfect. I ran down the stairs, grabbed a bagel and was out. It only took, me about, maybe 5 minutes to get to school. I was hoping I could see Louis today, for the past week, it seemed like he was.. Maybe ignoring me? I got out of my car and walked inside the school. Taking a deep breath in, I started heading to my first class.

Then I saw something that totally shattered my heart.

Louis was in the hallway, right in front of my eyes, snogging.(Making out.) With... Who? I turned to look at her face. VERONICA?! My eyes started to water. My vision started to get blurry as they pulled away from each other, looking at me. Veronica had one of those ' hah take that bitch, I took him from you now. ' looks. I looked at Louis. I stared at him. I could not believe it. Out of all people, Louis? It almost seemed like he was guilty in his eye, but I couldn't believe it. So I stormed off, leaving Veronica laughing.

I went to the girls bathroom and locked myself in a stall. After a few minutes, I hear a knock. "Hey, it's Rachel," Great, finally a friend that would help me out. I replied, "Oh, hey." I unlocked the stall and funn myself into her arms. I continued to bawl. She didn't ask questions or anything. I just stood there, bawling. After about maybe ten minutes, I stopped crying.

"Now that you've stopped crying, will you please tell me what's wrong?" she looked at me. I knew I could trust her.

"I lost the one boy I loved."

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