All is fair in love and war

(The boys will be UNFAMOUS throughout this.) Renee Scott and Louis Tomlinson have been best friends since they were babies. But Louis moved to the US a few years back, and lost all contact to him. What happens a few years later, when she sees an unexpected face at the school she is attending?


9. Distance

(Louis POV)

It's been over a month since I've last talked to Renee. Whenever we'd see each other in the hallway, we'd look at each other, and then she'd walk away. I never meant to hurt her this bad. I only wanted to get her jealous.. Slowly, just over time. But that didn't happen. I guess Veronica doesn't like Renee very much, and she knows it, and the other way around.

I haven't talked to Veronica since. I'd also see her in the hallway, but I'd walk away. I didn't want to talk to her right now. My thoughts drifted off as I slowly fell asleep, thinking about what I've done wrong.

- the next morning, an hour before school starts -

I woke up, not feeling refresh, but feeling tired as ever. I got up from my bed and went to the bathroom, looking in the mirror. I looked terrible.

My eyes were red and puffy, my cheeks were stained in tears, and my face was red. I walked back into my bedroom and looked at the time.

Only an hour left until school?! Okay Louis, calm down, just rush while you do everything. 

I ran to get some clothes and took a quick 5 minute shower. Got out, dried my hair and went down the stairs. I looked at the time again. Okay, 30 minutes. I walked over to the kitchen, not rushing, and got myself a carrot. I sat on the couch and watched the telly for a bit.. Then I had a flashback.

It was a warm, summer morning. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, it was a perfect Monday morning. I got out from under the sheets and stretched my arms up and smiled. I was so refreshed today. I looked at the calender and clock beside my bed. June 18, 9:46 am. June 18th.. How does that sound like it should be important? Then it hit me. It was Renee's birthday. She's supposed to turn 16 today. I got out of my bed, and went downstairs for breakfast. I kissed my mom on the cheek and told her good morning. I took a big breath in, smelling the deliciousness of the warm pancakes my mom made. 

"Those pancakes smell good," I complimented her, smiling.

"Anything for boo-bear," she replied back. She handed me a plate with some pancakes, butter, and syrup. "You remember that it's Renee's birthday, right?" She turned her head over her shoulder, looking at me. I smiled back.

"Of course. How could I not?" I replied, walking back upstairs to get dressed. I put on a tan-peach colored shirt, with some suspenders, pants, and shoes. I ran down the stairs and walked out of the door, yelling, "Mum, I'm going over to Renee's!" She replied saying it was alright, as I started to make my way to her house. It wasn't far, so I started to walk. I listened to the birds chirping, and watched the gold morning sun glisten in the sky.

A few minutes have passed, and by now I'm on her doorstep. I knocked on her door. Her mum opened the door and welcomed me in and we both said our hellos. "Where's the birthday girl?" 

She smiled, "Upstairs, still sleeping."

"I'll go wake her up with a birthday message." I smiled and went upstairs quietly, so she wouldn't hear me. I opened her door and sat down beside her bed, shaking her awake. "Good morning birthday girl." She looked at me and smiled. 

Around noon, we went to a carnival together. When we walked in, you could see little kids running around everywhere, teenagers having fun and going on all the rids, and I spotted something. A game, with a stuffed panda. I asked her if she wanted to go over to that game, and she gleefully agreed.\

By the time we got there, it looked like the game was where we had to shoot a ring around the bottle. I looked at the panda."What do I need to do to get the panda?"

"You need to get the ring, around the big bottle in the center," He said, pointing to it. "3 dollars for 3 rings. Do you wanna take a shot?" I nodded as he handed me three rings. I took them, shot once.. Missed. Shot again, missed.. Shot the third time.. SCORE! The man handed me the panda, and I gave it to Renee. 

Her eyes gleamed with happiness as I handed her the panda. She gave me a big hug and went to different things.

By the end of the day, she thanked me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. 

That was the day I started to have feeling for her.


I was at school now, before I ran into someone again. And guess who it was.. Renee. She picked up her books, and looked me in the eyes. Her eyes were were sad. Just completely sad. 

"Look, Renee, I'm sorry for whatever I did ju-" And that's when she cut me off.

"Save it Louis, if you like that slut Veronica, then you like her. That's it. Just don't try sugarcoating anything with me." And with that, she walked away.

"Look, carrot, I'm sorry!" I ran after her and grabbed her wrist, spinning her around to me, hoping not to hurt her. 

"Just.. Lou-Lou, not now. I'm still sad of what had happened with me and Jake. Just please. Leave me alone and give me some space." What happened with her and Jake..? Did he cheat? Break up with her? Abuse her? If he did anything to make my Renee cry, I'd hurt him.

And after that, she walked away.. Again.

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