A Time to Remember

Sarah isn't necisarily the popular girl in school. She has lots of friends, is very smart, and a pretty girl. One day she went to the mall and low and behold saw the love of her life... Niall Horan from One Direction standing right in front of her. Will Niall and her fall in love? Or will she just be another fan to him?


1. School

Sarah's P.O.V
I'm Sarah and I live in Oklahoma and well I'm not generally pretty well I don't think so, even though my friends say I am. Well I have long brown hair, im short, and have dark brown eyes. I'm in 9th grade and 14 and like any other girl in love with One Direction exspecialy Niall! Well like any other teenager I had to go to school, and well it sucked! So I got up to do my daily routine I got up and went to eat some froot loops, then I brushed my teeth, After that I put some cute mint green skinny jeans on and a black lace tank top on. By the time I finished getting ready and doing my hair and makeup I looked at the clock.. "shit" I said as I saw that it was 8:01 I was late!! "oh well its the last day of school" i said so I yelled at my mom to come on then I got into the red charger that my mom drove and went to school. When I got to school I went into class and sat by my best friend Emily. She was taller with dark brown hair and blue eyes she was 14 also. Then my teacher said " Sarah why are you late again.?" I told her that "I accidentally slept in" she said that they won't tolerate lateness in 10th grade and I said " yes ma'am" in a sarcastic voice. So I went through 7 hours of pure torcher! Then the bell rang and school was out!! Summer was finally here!! So me and Emily had made plans to go to the mall!!
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