The love of my life

Hey guy this is my first book so hope you guy like it

A girl named eleanor goes to live in her mom lake house with her sister an meets Louis and Liam from one direction (this was before one direction and the x factor) things go wrong with family and every thing ends up wrong


5. new job

when i got home from shopping with louis. i put every thing in my bedroom.i went into the kitchen got a water bottle and sat bown on the couch. i looked at the time and saw that it was almost 8:00pm  and kat should of been home by now so i called her cell

"hello?" she kinda yelled because of the noice in the backround.

" hi..ummm where are u?" i said repeting my self because she didnt hear me

"umm at a friends house why?"

" wow your friends house is loud.... dont lie to me are  you at the club??"

" ..s..sorry.."

" idc just get hime now!!"

it was time to tell her every thing that our momther told me. i started to watch tv then i feel sleep. ka tcame in not to long later and slamed her door had woken me up, i went over to her door and asked if she was okay she came out the door and flopped right into my arms and she started to cey. " whats wrong?" i asked her as i brought her to her bed and sat her down. " raay told me tha tniall was gonna beack up with me because i never go to see him" she flopped her self backwords. i gave her a huge and told her that it was just raay being a bad friend then went off to bed.

 the next morning i woke up and got ready for work. i left the house and went to starbucks and on breack i saw niall there. i went up to him and saw that he was sad i asked him what was wrongand he told me the same thing that raay told kat. i told him what kat told me and we went over to my house so he could spent the day  or night with her and they could be a better cupple.

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