The love of my life

Hey guy this is my first book so hope you guy like it

A girl named eleanor goes to live in her mom lake house with her sister an meets Louis and Liam from one direction (this was before one direction and the x factor) things go wrong with family and every thing ends up wrong


4. my new life

i felt like i was livng a dream i had a new house new boyfriend this was just so amazing !  i went over to louis place and told him everything. he kept me in his arms when he heard about my grandpa and kissed me when he heard about me living here. i felt so safe with hm i actually never felt more safe in my life he was such an amazing guy.i stayed at his house tonight because i didnt want to be home alone. we stayed up mostof the night and mage out the cuddled then i finally fell asleep in his check and his arms wrapped around me. the next morning i woke u pand saw that we was not there i freacked out and then smelt something yummy i knew he was cooking me something so i pretented to asleep for a bit more. he came in the room and saw me the thought i was sleeping so he layed down beside me played with ,y hair  and sang me a song. i woke up turned around and kissed him on the lips.

" morning beautiful"

" hello" i said with a blush    " it smells good" i said terying to hide the part that i knew.

 " yeah i cooked you beackfast"

 " yumm im hungry!!'

we went into the kitchen and i saw a lovely romanic breackfast. " awee i love you" i said to him a i stood on my toes and kissed him. " so what are we going to do today?" i asked as i we nt to sitdown at the table. " umm you wanna go shopping ?" " yess " i said with i big smile on.



(A/N) heey guys its 2 am so ill write another chapter tomorrow and maybe another book <33 plz coment on what you thimk of it thanxxx

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