The love of my life

Hey guy this is my first book so hope you guy like it

A girl named eleanor goes to live in her mom lake house with her sister an meets Louis and Liam from one direction (this was before one direction and the x factor) things go wrong with family and every thing ends up wrong


6. last chapter

i got home after my long day of work and saw niall cuddling up with kat and louis wass waiting for me. i went over to him and gave him a kiss now was the purfect time to finally tell kat about our grandfather. i pulled her into another room and i told her she huged me and started to cry i called nialls name he came in and gave her company just like louis did to me. i went into the living room and was louis sitting there waiting for me i sat beside him and cuddled up he stood me up and asked me to marry him! of course i said YESSS! i was soo happy. he put the ring on my finger and hugged me i kissed him and jumped up on him i was soo happy.


time passed and it was my wedding today i was already in my dress and i had just found out this morning that i was gonna have a baby! i was sooo happy. we both were. i put on my mascara and headed down to and up to where louis was. the man (i forgot what it was called tho .....) he asked us questions and then told us to kiss. we kissed and were finally married!

months later i had a baby it was a girl. she looked just like louis just a baby form it was soo cute we named her emily. spending time with her in the hospital felt like spending time at home with louis. i started to miss him more and more . then he came in the room gave me a hug and kiss and told me go get ready because we can go. the doctor came in and said the same thing. we got up and left louis was moving in with me and i knew we where gonna have a perfect family   

months passed by and things changed emily was goingto turn 1 soon i was so happy time was fling by so fast. me and louis where where the best parents ever and we had the best daughter ever. for her birthday he baught her some really cute suspenders. i was live my  life and enjoying it every moment of it.



(A/N) heey guys so this book was short but its over hope you guys liked it xox byee

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