The love of my life

Hey guy this is my first book so hope you guy like it

A girl named eleanor goes to live in her mom lake house with her sister an meets Louis and Liam from one direction (this was before one direction and the x factor) things go wrong with family and every thing ends up wrong


2. Hello again

The next morning Danielle and I had to walk to the store because I was out of food and drinks. On the way to the store Kat went to her friends place and I saw that pizza guy agai just this time he was with a friend. He came up to me and said hey and told me his name was Louis and his friends name was Liam. Liam and danielle wouldn't stop flirting with each other. It's got kinda awks or me and Louis we went flurting that much.

Louis and Liam had helped me and Danielle bring home the stuff and stayed over for a bit. I think Danielle was dating Liam they were holding hands and were about to kiss tell louis said that they had to leave. It had been awhile now almost a month since me
And Louis were friends and danielle had been dating Liam. Kat and Niall were over and Niall was gonna spend the night. My house was a hang out zone tonight. Louis pulled me away to a more quiet place and sang me a song that was called look after you. After he asked me out and I said yes!! It was the most amazing day of my life.
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