The love of my life

Hey guy this is my first book so hope you guy like it

A girl named eleanor goes to live in her mom lake house with her sister an meets Louis and Liam from one direction (this was before one direction and the x factor) things go wrong with family and every thing ends up wrong


1. Happy birthday!!

It was a late Friday night party my my moms lake house. It had beed my sister kats 18 birthday she invited some friends over and had a little party. Every one was hungry so I called pizza pizza and ordered 2 large cheese and peorioni pizza. The pizza was 2 minutes late and Kat would not shut up about it.the door bell rang and put her in silence. I don't know how that girl as so skinny she eat like a cow! She was just like her boyfriend Niall. I opened the door and a hot British guy with short hair and blue eyes was standing there with 2 pizzas. "$24.16" he said with a british sexy accent. I gave him the change and grab the pizza. Our hands touched I felt like a little kid that has a crush. He gave me a flue smile and walked way beck to the car. I closed the door with a small blush on my face. I heard Kat yelling from the room for me to hurry up.

I walked I the room and all the girls attacked me for a piece of pizza, I had never seen such hungry girls before.Everyone left at 10:00 and my best friend danielle was coming over. I told Danielle about the pizza guy. She told me to call pizza pizza again. Just so could get his number. I called and a diffrent guy showed up.
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