Three Words.

Kierha goes to her dads house in California for the summer when she finds out he lives right next to the new pop band One Direction, Kierha never liked one Direction because of rumours she heard what happens to Kierha When one of the band mates falls for her and wont stop trying.


15. Welcome to the Family

when the boys were all done and we got to the restaurant i order a lot i was so hungry and i was feeding for two okay "wow kierha you usually never eat like that" Harry said laughing i looked at Liam and he leaned over and whispered in my ear "I forgot to tell them im sorry" i looked at him angry then looked at the guys "what's going on you to tell me?" Louis said concerned and Lisa grabbed my hand and i looked at her and she nodded at me and then i looked back at the boys "what im about to tell you guys dosent effect anything okay.." i took a breath in "Im pregnant" Niall's eyes widened "oh my god Liam i can not even believe this you knocked me and her both up shame on you!" Niall said and everyone laughed except me "excuse me" i said getting up and walking away and crying i got to the bathroom doors and was bursting out crying now and i felt arms wrap around me and my face hit a rock hard chest i looked up to see a mans chin "im sorry i laughed i wasn't thinking" "i hate the word knocked up it makes me feel dirty Liam  he kissed the top of my head "your not dirty and he didn't mean it like that" i acted up and rubbed my eyes"look at me its like we already have a baby" i said laughing and he laughed with me "my hormones are just all messed up" i said hugging him and he held me there in his arms.

we walked back to the table "sorry" Niall said looking down "its not your fault i know you didn't mean anything by it i just took it the wrong way" i said smiling at him then hugging him "But you have to make it up to me" i said smiling at him then looking over at lisa who raised her eye brow at ,me "how?" "by taking Lisa out on a date" he smiled and looked at lisa "wanna go on a date with me?" "no" she said crossing her arms "why?" he said crossing his arms "cause you were just ordered to ask me that" "i probably would have done it any ways" he said smiling at her "Fine" she said demanding then are food came.

"I am so full" Liam said stretching "me to" Harry said looking at Liam "i want desert" Niall said smiling and we all laughed. then harry looked at me and Liam "where are you guys going to live once this baby arrives?" we looked at each other and smiled "with you silly" Liam said winking at harry "HA-HA" he said smiling "we don't know yet and we have some months to figure everything out right now were just kind of thinking and laying low you know?" I said smiling at the boys "Welcome to the family" Zayn said smiling at me and i smiled back at him 


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