Three Words.

Kierha goes to her dads house in California for the summer when she finds out he lives right next to the new pop band One Direction, Kierha never liked one Direction because of rumours she heard what happens to Kierha When one of the band mates falls for her and wont stop trying.


12. to good to me!

Lisa ran down the stairs like a crazy person and in her hand was a.. pregnancy test i looked at her "Lisa..." "oh no kierha your not" i looked at her then at the ground and "how far along are you?" "a month and about three or so days" "have you told Liam yet..?" "no why do you think i told him i had something to tell him!" "how do you think he's gonna take it?" "i don't know im so scared.." i said scratching my arms.. that's what i do when im really nervous "it's okay kierha come here" she said hugging me "thank you" i said hugging her back "you have to tell him though okay" she said looking at me "i know" i said half smiling at her "okay.." 

----next day-----

ring ring.. "hello?
"hey kierha im outside meet me by the beach?" 
"sure your home early!"
"its 4:00?"
"yeah well that's early when your best friend is staying with you!" i said laughing and he laughed to
"see you soon love.. Bye!"
"Bye babe" i said hanging up

"Hey" i said walking up beside Liam "hey" he said smiling at me and i half smiled back "now what did you have to tell me Kierha" he said hugging me then letting go and looking in my eyes "umm maybe we should eat first im so hungry!" i said laughing and he laughed with me "sounds good lets go" he said smiling and grabbing my hand as we walked to his car and started driving.. 
"Liam..." "yeah" "you need to pull over.." i said gagging "ohh man okay" he said pulling over on the side of the road i jumped out so faced and threw up all over out side the vehicle he jumped out and ran beside me and started rubbing my back "Kierha maybe i should bring you back home you might have the flu" he said still rubbing my back "-oh--uh k" i said as he handed me a water bottle and i washed my mouth out and then we started driving back "im sorry i just ruined are night" "no you didn't i love taking care of you" he said smiling at me "you don't have to stay with me im really sick babe" i said looking at him "non sense im staying rather you like it or not" i smiled at him and he smiled back its good to know that he is always there for me..

---at home----
Liam carried me inside and all the way to my room then looked at me "ill be right back okay" he said running out of the room then five minutes later he came back with another blanket a bowl and a bunch of water a portable DVD player some movie's and chicken and fries "we will have to make the best of it right oh and i forgot one more thing be right back" he said running back out then coming back two minutes later with a bowl of chicken noodle soup "awwe Liam you didn't have to do this" i said looking at him "no your right i didn't but i wanted to so i did" he said smiling and feeding me chicken noodle soup "Liam i can feed myself im not a ba-" i stopped and he looked at me funny "you okay kierha?" he asked "yeah just feeling really sick" i said awkwardly "what movie do you wanna watch?" he said holding up three movie's toy story one, two and the deluxe version of each. i just laughed "number" he started shaking number one and whistling "i think number one looks good" i said laughing and he smiled and put it in and we started watching it.

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