Three Words.

Kierha goes to her dads house in California for the summer when she finds out he lives right next to the new pop band One Direction, Kierha never liked one Direction because of rumours she heard what happens to Kierha When one of the band mates falls for her and wont stop trying.


14. The Boy I Know.

it been two days since the big news and i had to call management and cancel a bit of the tour i couldn't leave right away she had to tell her parents and i had to tell mine i had to well be there for that... so i wont be leaving for my tour until i know that kierha can be left for a bit right now she's scared and shaken and why wouldn't she be i know i would be to if i was her its hard to raise a kid and be young im sure but i know we can do it together i hope anyway...

Kierha P.O.V

i layed on my bed Liam went to go for something to eat with all the boys to tell them the news and the bad news well it might both be bad news actually no im not gonna say that because a child is not bad news its a blessing im not saying im all woah im pregers im more calm and owning up to it i guess.. but yeah..

'Hey babe supper tonight me you Harry Louis Niall and Zayn cool?'
'yeah thats fine..'
'I love you and so do they!!! they just have some news to tell you.. you may like!' 
'i dont know'
'you will trust me okay <3'
'okay..... lol <3 you can be cute when you want to be you know'
'i know ;)'
'Love you ;) xoxo'
'love you more ;) ;) xoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox'
;it is cause i do ;)'
'shh no i do'
'no i do so you shhh'
'Nope me ;)'
'hello this is Niall and well Liam keeps stopping and texting and well its getting annoying so he loves you and you love him we are all one big happy family okay okay love you see you tonight kierha bye xoxo'
'lol okay bye love you guys to'
'we love you more no im jk ;)'

they were really nice to me... but i mean my dad... hes going to flip first on me then hes going to flip on Liam..  feel kind of like its my fault.... i don't know..

"KIERHA" i heard Lisa scream from down the stair of my house "what?" i yelled back "Im Hungry" "AGAIN HOLY MAN LISA" "yeah" she yelled back all shy like "you know you and  Niall would be perfect for each other!" i said laughing walking down the stairs "ha-ha-ha seriously though" "well make something cause im going out for supper tonight sorry" "leaving me alone" "well you can come if you want to?" "yes please!" "Okay fine" i said laughing maybe i should hook her and Niall up together?!

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