Three Words.

Kierha goes to her dads house in California for the summer when she finds out he lives right next to the new pop band One Direction, Kierha never liked one Direction because of rumours she heard what happens to Kierha When one of the band mates falls for her and wont stop trying.


8. Sweater!

"okay guys ready to go?" Liam asks everyone in the water as he's still holding me i just kept looking up at him and his jaw line as he talked and then they all agreed and he started carrying me out of the water and it was cold out i tried to pretend like i wasn't cold when Liam put me down but then he turned around and looked at me "your cold" i shook my "nahh im fine" i said smiling "your bottom lip is blue kierha" he said laughing and kissing me and then he back up and grabbed his sweater and pulled it over my wet hair "thank you" i said putting my hand on his chest "no problem" he said back and putting his hand over mine "lets go" he said sliding his finger in-between mine and leading me back to his vehicle and everyone else followed.

"Okay bye kierha ill see you tomorrow then love?" Liam asked as i got out of the vehicle and started walking for the door "yeah i hope so" i said waving and smiling back at all of them "BYE KIERHA" Niall yelled "bye" i laughed "bye"Zayn said waving "buhh bye babe" harry said smiling and waving "better see you tomorrow that's all im saying" Louis said laughing "yeah not just you and Liam next time kierha" Niall said crossing his arms and we all laughed and they drove away and then i got to my door and it was locked so i answer..Knock ugh my dad must still be out i said sliding down the door and crossing my legs and playing with the grass "Kierha?" i looked up to see Liam standing there "oh hey do you need something" i asked standing up "why are you outside" "oh my dads not back yet" i said pointing at the door then sliding my hands in my pockets "wanna come over to are place then?" he asked smiling "No-no i don't no i don't think my dad would like that very much" i said smirking "well i don't think you should be out here in the cold where you could get killed not to alarm you or anything but its pretty dangerous out here" he said laughing "oh yeah really well thank you ill keep an eye out" i said laughing with him "well any ways you forgot your shirt" he said smiling i looked down and just remembered im still wearing his sweater "Oh man im so sorry" i said starting to take his sweater of "no no keep that on so you don't get cold out here since you wont let me invite you to my place at least keep that on okay" he said pulling my sweater back down "oh well thanks" i said looking down at the sweater "that's really-" i looked up at him and he cut me off by smashing his face into mine and slamming me against the door.

He backed up and smiled at me "Im sorry i just really wanted to do that" he said laughing and scratching his head i laughed and then saw head lights "well looks like my dads back" i said smiling at him "looks like so ill see you tomorrow" he said smiling and hugging me then walking by my dads car and waving at him good bye.

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