Three Words.

Kierha goes to her dads house in California for the summer when she finds out he lives right next to the new pop band One Direction, Kierha never liked one Direction because of rumours she heard what happens to Kierha When one of the band mates falls for her and wont stop trying.


7. Im Serious!

"KIERHA I SAID GET UP" my dad said pouring water over my head "DAD" I said screaming and jumping out of my bed and running to the bathroom to clean up "okay love you heading out now" my dad said leaving ugh what a jerk! 

"Kierha you home?" i heard a noise from down stairs after i was done straightening my hair "yeah in my room" i yelled from inside my room "okay coming up babe" i heard the person yell again i think it was Liam cause that person sounded hot.

"Knock knock can i come in" "yeah you can come in" i said laughing as i was right Liam walked in the room "hey!" he said excitedly "hey" i said smiling back at him "so me and the guys and Eleanor are going swimming you want to come?" he said walking closer to me "um swimming huh" he looked at me weirdly "yeah why?" "oh no reason sure i could catch up on my tanning" "were also going swimming silly" he said laughing and giving me a little shove "right" i said fake smiling and grabbing my bathing suite out of my dresser and running to the bathroom "just give me like two minutes" i said closing the door "okay babe" he said back

i walked out in a sun dress over my bathing suite "alright lets go!" he said smiling and bring me out side to his car where all the guys were already in and Eleanor "hi kierha i heard so much im Louis wife Eleanor nice to meet you" she said smiling and shaking my head "hi yeah nice to meet you to" i said smiling back at her "alright now that we are done an introduction lets go swimming boys" Niall screamed i just laughed and so did every one else.

"Kierha come lets go in the water" Liam said grabbing my hand and pulling my towards the water "Liam" he just kept going "Liam wait stop" as he kept going "LIAM IM SERIOUS STOP" every one turned and looked at us i just smiled and looked at Liam "is there something wrong?" he asked confused "Liam i- i just i don't feel like swimming" "awee come on kierha you'll have so much fun" he said smiling and taking his shirt off as i looked down at his abs and gulped he just smirked the hole time "yes im sure it look's like um yeah fun lots of fun" i said looking back down to his abs then back to his face "but Liam i cant umm" "yes kierha?" "Liam i cant swim" i said whispering in his ear "aweee that is so cute" he said loudly and all the guys starts chuckling "what are you guys talking about over there" harry said winking and laughing with all the guys "shut up harry" Liam said looking at harry evilly as they all stopped laughing and he looked back at me "then ill hold you the hole time" he said smiling and lifting me up bridal style "you better not let me go Liam ill die!" he looked down at me and smiled  "Never" he said kissing me hard.

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