Three Words.

Kierha goes to her dads house in California for the summer when she finds out he lives right next to the new pop band One Direction, Kierha never liked one Direction because of rumours she heard what happens to Kierha When one of the band mates falls for her and wont stop trying.


9. Im Confused..?

"Kierha someone's here to see you" i ran down the stairs thinking it was Liam but it was Niall when i got to the end of the stairs and saw it was Niall i slowly walked to the door confused "hey Niall?" "hey Kierha" "what's up?" i asked crossing my arms and curious to what he was going to say next "umm i was wondering if you wanted to hang out today?" he asked still really shy and awkward why was Niall acting so weird? "umm yeah sure but i think Liam wanted to hang out with me today?" i asked him "yeah well you guys can hang out tomorrow or later today or something" he said shyly "umm yeah sure okay" i said grabbing my coat and bag and walking out the door with Niall still really confused and then we got into his vehicle and started to drive and he touched my knee and smiled a me i just looked at him confused then we stopped and it was at the beach "Kierha" he said taking his hand of my knee and scratching his head "yeah Niall?" i asked still really unsure of what the hell is going on? "i like you and i know you and Liam have like a thing or something but i cant hold it any more i like you kierha" Niall said looking at me like he was unsure of himself "Niall i don't think you do" i said smiling a little fake smile "umm i think i do yeah" he said leaning towards me "Niall stop i like Liam and i think Liam likes me back" i said leaning away.

Liam P.O.V

"Hey guys where did Niall go?" i asked all the guys wondering where he had gone "I don't know he didn't tell anyone he must have just left" harry said confused just as me "well we should go out" Louis said smiling "yeah we should" Zayn replied "lets go to the beach i could use a swim" Louis said smiling and we all agreed "and you can invite Kierha" Harry said nudging me "yeah i think i will well lets go" we all got dressed and soon headed out the door got in the car and drove to kierha's and i knocked at the door... "Hello?" her dad answered "hey is kierha home sir?" i asked him "no i thought she went out with you guys Niall stopped by and they went off somewhere" ""Niall?" i asked him "yeah sweet old boy he came here and asked for her to go with him some where but i don't know exactly where they went?" "okay sir well thank you" i said smiling at him "no problem" he said smiling back and then closing the door. i walked back tot he car and told everyone that "kierha is with Niall" "Niall?" Louis asked curiously "hmm.." Zayn said scratching his head and looking out the window "Zayn? do you know something we don't?" Harry asked putting his hand on Zayn's shoulder "well.." he said  "Zayn what is it?" i asked turning around to look at him in the back seat "Just that well Niall kind of.." "Kind of what Zayn spit it out already would you" Louis said crossing his arms "Niall likes kierha guys." he said awkwardly and looking up at me "he likes kierha..?" I asked confused "yeah,," "well why did he not tell me?" "i don't know he didn't quiet tell me i walked in on him talking to him self" Zayn said awkwardly.. "Lets go to the beach and see if they are there" Louis said looking at me "yeah i guess">>>>>> "Hey look there's Niall's vehicle.. and there they are in side of it" Harry said pointing for i parked the car and jumped out and walked to there car and just as i got to the window..



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