Three Words.

Kierha goes to her dads house in California for the summer when she finds out he lives right next to the new pop band One Direction, Kierha never liked one Direction because of rumours she heard what happens to Kierha When one of the band mates falls for her and wont stop trying.


19. Final Love, Happiness, Baby, Thank-you

We exchanged vows... we kissed.... the ring.. the kiss... the words.. the love... THE BABY...

"Liam it hurts" i said screaming and holding his arms "i know the cabs taking forever ughh.." "LIAMMMMMMMMMMMM" "I know im sorry i dont know what to do right now.." "i feel dissy" "WHAT?" "I SAID I FEEL DISSY ARE YOU STUPID?" "no babe im sorry im sorry" "no im sorry it just kills.." "ummm there it is- okay that was not it" i looked at him with devil eyes "where the hell is it" i said crying and screming "THERE" he said waving his arms and it pulled over and i got in slowly..

when we got to the hospital i felt like i was already 10cm diliated i was screaming and crying and so unhappy i grabbed Liams hand as i slowly layed on the bed, the nurse ran in and gave me the kneedle in my back and layed me back down.

Liams POV

i felt so bad, i couldnt help her there was nothing i could do, the doctor came in and put a cord on her, "this cord will tell me how your doing through this" in other words to hope my wife dosent die... 

Kierha POV

i felt sick and tired but that was only because i was giving birth.. 

it was in no time baby Charlotte Anne Payne was born she was so beautiful i saw her and than *blank*

Liam POV

"KIERHA" i screamed at the top of my lungs "its alright sir she passed out from pain" i think a big thing of relief went through me.. 

My daughter was in my hands, i have my wife and she made it through everything, im in love i have a baby thank you god.... 

                                                         The End.


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