Three Words.

Kierha goes to her dads house in California for the summer when she finds out he lives right next to the new pop band One Direction, Kierha never liked one Direction because of rumours she heard what happens to Kierha When one of the band mates falls for her and wont stop trying.


5. Fan Boying

Doom buggy.. there it was right in front of me a huge doom buggy that sits six people "Well there's five us and one of you so we were thinking" harry said and Louis cutting him off "LETS GO" he said grabbing me hand and pulling me along with him i just laughed and went along with him and Liam jumped in the passenger seat "Kierha your driving" Liam said smiling at me "I don't know.." i said backing up as Liam got out of the passenger side and started walking towards me and all the boys started doing the same "Guys back up" i said still walking back wards Louis looked at all of them "Get her guys" he said yelling as they all ran towards me i started running away but then Liam caught me he grabbed me and swung me around so i was now on his chest and all the guys stopped behind him "OUUUU" they all screamed out and i laughed and looked up at Liam who was already looking down at me smiling at me "Can i kiss you?" he asked putting his hand behind my head "everyone's  watching" i said shyly "Let them" he said pressing his lip into mine i put my hands on his waist like what am i doing i want to pull away and tell him don't but i cant im glued there and i love it.. 

he pulled away and looked at me "now can you please drive this present?" he said backing up and pointing at the buggy "i cant drive" i said scratching my head and  looking down.. he put his hand under my chin an dlifted my head up "Please?" he said while all the guys gave me puppy eyes and he held out the key to it "fine" i said sighing and grabbing the key.

"Kierha your finally home" "yeah" i said walking in the door with all the guys sneaking in behind me and running up the stair without even getting caught "what did you and the guys do today?" my dad asked me curious "you know what we did" i said laughing and walking up the stairs "oh make sure the guys go home before 1" he said laughing while i thought he never caught them.. how did he see them i thought running up the stairs and into my room where they all are.

"HARRY, put my bra back in the drawer and Louis stop comparing your toms to mine okay and Zayn are you in the bathroom looking at your self again?" i screamed as i got into to my room and closed the door "No im not god" Zayn yelled back.. but i knew he was lying "hey Niall look her screen savers Justin Bieber" Louis said laughing "shut up im gonna start fan boying" Niall said laughing "I didn't even make it Justin Bieber?" i said confused "Yeah that was me" Niall said shyly looking down "oh god" i said sitting down beside harry "Um excuse me?" Liam said confused "what? do you want anything?" "yes.."

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