Three Words.

Kierha goes to her dads house in California for the summer when she finds out he lives right next to the new pop band One Direction, Kierha never liked one Direction because of rumours she heard what happens to Kierha When one of the band mates falls for her and wont stop trying.


11. Every One Who's Every One!

as we got up to my door to my house i turned and looked at Liam who had his head down "the question are you serious liam?" i asked him he looked up at me "yes." he said quietly "ohh" "well if its a no can you just tell me now rip the band aid of fast" "yes" i said smiling at him "wait yes to no or yes to yes" "yes to yes.. i think" i said scratching my head "yes to yes meaning yes to that you will date me or yes to the yes i asked you for the question for the no?" he asked scratching his forehead "you lost me.." i said laughing "never mind" he said laughing to "so will you go out with me?" "yes" i said smiling "yes to the-" "Liam" i said crossing my arms and he just laughed and pulled me in for a hug "im just kidding around" he said kissing the top of my head and back up.

-----4 months later----------

"KIERHA HEY" Lisa said dropping her bags as i opened the door and she jumped on me "LISA"i screamed and hugged her back "are you seriously here holy man long time no see" "you just don't go on face book or twitter any more?" she said laughing and nudging me "your all ever one who is everyone can talk about" she said laughing "Liam Payne huh!" she said screaming in excite meant "yeah" i just laughed "SO CUTE" she screamed "so how long are you staying here then?" "three days i wish longer but i cant my mom was all you have to go to work so you make money so you pay me to live here!" she said laughing and bring her bags into the house.

"SO when do i get to meet your little boy toy" she said smiling and sitting onto the couch "he's not a boy toy" i said laughing "what ever so?" she asked "i don't know when ever he comes back" "what do you mean?" she asked me confused "his tour started so i get to see him every time they have like week to two weeks max breaks then they go back so he visits in and out so" "well im still mad i had to find out on his fan page on twitter" "sorry" i said laughing and running up the stair. 

ring ring "ILL GET IT" Lisa screamed as she jumped off my bed and grabbed my cell phone before i can stop her.

*phone call*
"Hello Lisa speaking!"
"hello im sorry do i have the wrong number?" 
"NO this is kierha's phone is this Liam" 
"yes and im guessing this is umm Lisa right?" he said laughing
"how did you know" she said laughing
"well is Kierha there?" 
"she is but i wanted to talk to you first"
"ohh okay then"
"DON'T HURT HER MAN JUST DON'T DO IT CAUSE ILL FIND YOU" "Lisa give me that" i said grabbing it out of her hands
"Hey im sorry so what's up?" i asked him
"well im coming home tomorrow so we should go out" he said
"sure supper?"
"yeah sounds good love"
"okay cause i have something i really need to tell you"
"what's that?"
"i wanna tell you tomorrow!" i said awkwardly
"alright" he said laughing
"yeah aha but ill talk to you later okay.?"
"okay love"
"bye Liam love you"
"love you more kierha"
as we hung up

"so what do you need to tell him?" she looked at me awkwardly "non of your beez wax that's what!" i said laughing at her and going down stairs...

"Kierha!" i heard Lisa scream at the top of the stairs asi grabbed water and started watching a movie "what Lisa  i screamed back "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS" she screamed holding up a...


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