Three Words.

Kierha goes to her dads house in California for the summer when she finds out he lives right next to the new pop band One Direction, Kierha never liked one Direction because of rumours she heard what happens to Kierha When one of the band mates falls for her and wont stop trying.


2. Are you Following me?

"Kierha im going out for some grocery's don't get in-trouble while im gone" my dad yelled from down the stairs "I wont" i yelled back jumping out of bed i think ill go swimming this morning putting on my bathing suite  no ones out here at all its empty

"Hey" i heard behind me uhh not again "Hi.." "your actually going swimming now" he said laughing and he's out of air like he's been running "want go in with me then?" he asked smiling "its one lake if you think about it no matter where you are on the lake everyone else in the water of the lake will be in it with you so no you can go find one of them" i said walking away

ahhh that was a nice swim Liam didn't even come back after so it was peaceful...

"Kierha ready to go over to the neighbours today?"" i totally forgot that was today "yeah" "okay good cause only have an hour so make it count" "yeah okay dad i will" i said going into the shower after the shower i blow dried my hair and then curled it with my extensions in and put on tight white shirt and a vest and tight black skinnys then ran down the stairs to meet my dad all ready to go

"Lets go dad" i said smiling at him he smiled back at me "you look lovely dear" "thanks dad" as we started to walk out the door.

Knock Knock "come in" i heard a women's voice call so we walked in and i saw a girl standing there with bread in her hand. "hey dear you must be Kierha" "yes hi" i said shaking her hand "i heard a lot about you" "oh i hope it was good" i said smiling at her and she smiled back "of coarse it was dear well the boys are in the back if you guys want to go out and meet them?" "alright Kierha you wanna go and ill meet you there?" "sure" i said walking towards the back door as soon as i walked out i but right into Liam whose laughing "ouch" i look up to see him holding his head "im sorry" i said looking at him in the eyes

"Are you following me?" he said laughing "uhh NO im here with my dad" i said looking at him angrily "I was just kidding..." "oh okay" "so then you must be Kierha" "yeah," "your names beautiful.." "thank you." "can i ask you something kierha?" "i guess what..?" "why do you hate me?" "umm...?" then a Harry run up behind him i could tell it was hairy right away by his hair "Liam" he said jumping on him "hello lovely im Harry" he said looking down at me...

"Im Kierha" i said smiling "beautiful name" "thanks.." "Harry get off me" Liam said pushing harry off "where are you living then Kierha?" "right next to you actually with my dad" i said scratching my head "oh your who my mom said we were meeting today cool cool" that women must have been Harry's mom... 

______________1 hour later_________________________

"well Kierha we are gonna get going now" my dad said coming up to me i was sitting beside Liam and talking to all the boys now and we got to know each other more but i kept my distance. "okay dad coming" i said standing up and so did all the boys "Ill see you again then? like tomorrow we can all go swimming together maybe" Liam said smiling and looking into my eyes "yeah sure i guess we could" then all the boys gave me a hug and walked back to my house with my dad and crashed all i could dream about was Liam.. 


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