A story about girl named Scarlett with an abusive mother and she finally leaves home and finds love with a boy and then complications start
Will her mother find her?
Will love last?


1. Escape

Fanfic 2

Chapter 1
Pipers Pov 
"hello honey r u ok" I hear a mans voice say. 
"yea I'm fine" I reply opening my eyes
"do u need me to take u to the hospital" 
"NO anywhere but there"
" well where r your parents" 
"they... Their gone" 
"ok do u need anything" 
"I'm fine" 
"ok goodbye then"
I say and start running off. I climb up the tree next to my window and climb In bed and pretend to sleep because I know if my mother finds out I left I will b... She will... Uhhhh I don't even wanna think about. Why couldn't dad still be alive. You see even since my father died my moms been drinking and when she's drunk she abuses me. When dad was alive it was perfect. 
I hear the door slam. And my mom comes into my room it's close to 1am 
"I know you're awake" she hisses and then hits me "where we're you tonight I know you went out"
"I didn't go anywhere" I stutter 
She kicks me hard in the stomach. 
"next time tell me" she says and walks out 
This time I'm done I wait a hour and grab my backpack with clothes and
Belongings I grab my phone and open the window take one last look at my room and jump on the tree.  
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