Safe and sound...

I am Chantel. I ran away from home after my dad and mum disappeared in my sleep. I am 17 and love everything, but when I arrive at my friends house,and she has an unexpected guest,will I forgive the world...for him?



4. Too late.

WE WALKED INTO The large room. My jaw dropped. "Wow, just wow." I said as i sat next to Harry on the couch. "Wanna see your room?" Harry said as he picked up my bag. "Sure!" Jumped us and stood next to Harry. We were in a long hallway when Harry said, "We kinda have to share rooms." I smiled. "OK!" He laughed before he turned in a room. "Here we are!" I looked around. It was amazing. "THIS IS AMAZING!" I said as I jumped into his arms. "Well someone is happy!" I laughed and opened my bag. "Well I am going to get some food. I'll get some fore you too!" He said as kissed my forehead. I smiled. After I unpacked everything I put on some leather boots,a pink sports bra, and a a pink cropped tee. I walked out of the room to see Harry. "Hello!" I said as I hugged him. "My mum want us to go over for dinner, if it's OK with you." I smiled. "Sure! I always love meeting new people." He smiled. "And you are good at it too." He kissed my nose. "That's my job!" He held my hand and we all walked out of the flat into the same big black van. We arrived at a small house in what I think was Holmes Chapel. It was small and cute, but my stomach twisted when I saw a familiar car. "So what should I introduce myself as?" He smiled. "Just say you are Harry's girlfriend." I smiled and squeezed his hand as we walked to the door. He opened the door and then a nice woman walked to the door. "Hi I am Anne!" She said as she took off her apron. "I am Chantel, Harry's girlfriend." She smiled and pulled me into a hug. We walked into the dining room when my words went numb. "Hello I am Claudia and this is Elexa." My family were introducing themselves to me. "I am Chantel, Harry's girlfriend." When I said that, Elexa's face went pale. "Cool." She said before walking to the couch. I walked to Harry and sat on his lap. "Harry, that is them." I said as I nudged him to them. "Really?" I nodded. "We gotta make them jealous!" I said with a grin on my face. He laughed and kissed my nose. "My profession!" I smiled before Anne spoke up. "Dinner is ready!" I stood up and walked to the table. Time to make them jealous! "So Chantel, do you have a job?" My mum said. "I am a clothing designer for Tretorn and Delias." I said before taking a sip of water. Bet they didn't know that! Yeah! "Do you do anything else?" My dad said. "Yes, I am also a mechanic chip coordinator. I find the coordinates and rates to fix computers and electronics." They didn't know that either. My dad's jaw dropped. He was an owner of a failing flower shop. I could see Anne smile and scoot closer. Harry made a funny grin and drank some apple juice. I saw Elexa squeeze her cup and Louis just sit there, clueless of what was going on. "SO, where do you live?" Elexa asked Harry. "I am currently living with Chantel in a small flat not that far from here." Harry smiled. "And Louis!" Louis said. Anne, Harry, Louis,Elexa and I laughed. My parents were just probably ashamed of what they did. After about an hour of awkward talking, Harry, Louis and I decided to start leaving. We were about to walk out when Anne whispered something in Harry's ear. I could Harry smile big and laugh. "I am not joking young man!" She said before patting his back. "OK mum." He kissed him mum on the cheek and we walked out of the house. We entered the car before bursting out laughing. When our laugh attack stopped, Louis spoke up. "Is it just me or were those people targeting Chantel?" I nodded. "They were targeting me big time." Harry looked at me. "Should I tell him?" He whispered in my ear. I nodded. Next time he sees them, I want him to say good stuff about me with a reason. Once Harry told Louis I saw Louis' mouth turn into an  "O" Shape. "Wow." He finally said.  


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