Safe and sound...

I am Chantel. I ran away from home after my dad and mum disappeared in my sleep. I am 17 and love everything, but when I arrive at my friends house,and she has an unexpected guest,will I forgive the world...for him?



2. Dreams.

I WALKED INTO am makeup store,still holding Harry's hand. "I need more blush!" I said to myself. Harry looked at me. "No uh you aren't getting anything." I smiled and did puppy dog eyes. "Not working babe." He said kissing my forehead. "Fine, but..." He looked at me. "I'll leave the store if we can watch a movie tonight." He smiled and nodded. "But I choose."I smiled and nodded too. As we walked out we saw some paparazzi take pictures but not a lot. We walked around until it was time to go. "Where are the boys?" I said looking at my watch. "I don't know. Maybe I can call them." He said getting out his cell phone. He called them then smiled. "Louis saw Gemma and they are going to her place." I laughed and nodded. We walked to the car and arrived to the house. When we arrived we rushed to my room. "I am so tired!" I said as I walked to the bed. "Me too! I could fall asleep in an instant!" He said as he lay next to me. He wrapped his arm around my waist and I lay my head on his chest,and with that,we fell asleep.


ELEXA POV.  Today we left my sister at home. I love her, but I didn't want to be left with her, I am only 11. I walked into car as my dad put the bags in the back. We were going to Holmes Chapel and stay with my mum's friend, but we told Chantel that we were going to our grandparents house in Florida. We arrived at the house. When we entered I saw four boys and a girl sitting on the couch laughing, and instantly, I recognized them. "Mum that is part of One Direction." I said trying not to freak out. I walked up to them. "Hey I am Elexa...where is Harry?" I had a massive crush on Harry. "He is with a girl named Chantel. He loves her!" Niall said as he changed the channel on the TV. Chantel? No not my sister! He has to be mine! I have to at least meet him! 

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