Safe and sound...

I am Chantel. I ran away from home after my dad and mum disappeared in my sleep. I am 17 and love everything, but when I arrive at my friends house,and she has an unexpected guest,will I forgive the world...for him?



3. Another life.


I WOKE UP  to the smell of pizza. I looked to my side and saw that Harry was still asleep. I rubbed one of his curls out of his face,which made him wake up. "Is that pizza I smell?" He said shooting up from the bed. "I believe so!" I said as I got up. He wrapped his arm around my waist as we walked downstairs. "What have you two lovebirds been doing?" I heard Ellie say. "We were just resting." I said before yawning and leaning on to Harry's shoulder. We walked to the couch and slumped down, me resting my head on his lap. We watched TV for a bit before the boys arrived. "WE BROUGHT A MOVIE!" I heard Louis yell. He walked in and saw us. "Wow what have I missed out? I thought we had a thing?" Louis said before Harry started laughing and stroking my hair. "What movie did you bring?" "Paranormal activity." I looked at him. "Rated?" "R" "I am 17." He smiled. "Your little boyfriend here isn't, so it's legal!" I smiled and looked up at Harry. He was looking back at me and smiled. I sat up and lay my head on his shoulder, with my legs in his lap. As the movie started, I curled up next to Harry, by the end of the movie, my head was under his neck and his arm was hugging me. "WOW." I said as I looked at Harry. "I am not sleeping alone." I said as I stood up. "You are suggesting that..." He said as he pulled me close to him. "That you stay here or I go with you." I said as I leaned in closer. "I suggest that you come with me since Mr. and Mrs.Payne would think it weird that I am sleeping here with you." He said as he pulled me closer. I nodded and bit my lip. Before I could say anything,his lips crashed on to mine gently. After making out for about a minute, I heard Louis clear his throat. "So you are coming?"  I nodded and stood up. "I will go get some stuff!" I said running upstairs. I got in and got a small bag and put in a week worth of clothes. I walked downstairs. Harry was at the end and took my bag once I reached the bottom. "Thank you!" I said as I kissed his cheek. "No problem love." He said as we started walking out. We walked out there was already a black van waiting for us. "OK!" I said as I walked in. Harry sat next to me and played with my hair. "What do you think Paul is going to say lad?" I heard Louis say. "I don't know,but she isn't going anywhere. They kick her out, I go with her." He said as he looked at me. "You belong with me." He said as he kissed my forehead. I smiled and put my head on his shoulder. "WE ARE HERE!" I heard the chauffeur say. Harry and I went out as Louis ended up getting my bag. "Thanks Lou." I said once we enervated the building.

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