Safe and sound...

I am Chantel. I ran away from home after my dad and mum disappeared in my sleep. I am 17 and love everything, but when I arrive at my friends house,and she has an unexpected guest,will I forgive the world...for him?



1. Away.

I WOKE UP and walked downstairs. I noticed that my house was almost empty. The food in the refrigerator, gone. The blankets,the books,all gone. I walked up to my sister's room and knocked on the door,no response. And with that I broke the door down. Her bed still neatly made,but her drawers were empty. I walked to my parents' room. Their bed also neatly made but with a small note left on it. "Chantel, Elexa,your father and I decided that since you didn't agree to our terms,we left to your grandparents house in Florida. Don't come looking for us,you won't find us. We don't love or care about you anymore. Mum." I silently read. I ran to my room,grabbed my bag and put all my clothes and necessities in it. "Medicine,sisi,clothes. Lets go!" I said as a mental checklist. Sisi was my favorite doll of all time. I grabbed my bag and walked out,still in my pajamas.I went in my car and drove to my best friend Ellie's house. I knocked on her door before she opened. "What's wrong?" She said as she looked at me,then my bag. "They left,all of them. They only left a note." I said holding the note my mum,or Claudia wrote. If she didn't love me,why should I call her mum? "Oh my gosh Chantel! You can stay here as long as you want,just take a shower since my brother and his friends are coming over." She said pulling me upstairs to the guest room. I took a shower and put my things in the drawers before hearing someone walk into the house. "Chantel Li is here!" I heard Ellie yell. "HEY LI!" "HEY EL!" We said to each other before I walked down. As I walked down I saw Liam in the kitchen with four others, but one caught my eye. He had curly hair,green eyes and the cutest dimples ever. I walked over to them. "Hey I am Chantel." I said walking over to them. "I am Harry and this is Niall,Zayn,Louis and of course you know Liam." The one that caught my eye said. I smiled and walked to the fridge and took a  banana. "Li I am living here now." I said before sitting on the counter. "OK,as long as you don't take my things." He said as he took my banana and took a bite of it. "HELLO! NOBODY TAKES MA FOOD!" I said chasing him around the kitchen. "I like this girl." I heard the blonde one, Niall say. Harry smiled and grabbed the banana when Liam passed by. "Thanks!" I said as I walked up to him. "No uh. I deserve something in return!" He said as he pulled the banana back. "OK..." He smiled and pointed to his cheek. "Fine!" I softly kissed him on the cheek before grabbing the banana. "Now I am going to go to the mall,so bye!" I said as I put on my flip-flops. "Wait! We are going too, and we could use a ride!" Liam said. I turned to him. My car was really big so I guess they would fit. "Fine,as long as you guys aren't bad singers." They laughed and nodded. We walked into the car and I turned it on. As I started driving this song that was stuck in my head started playing. "This is what makes you beautiful by One Direction!" I smiled and started singing. Before I knew it Harry started singing.And then everyone. "Wow you guys really sound JUST like them!" I said as i stopped at a light. "Well,we are them." Louis said before laughing. Since he was sitting in the passengers seat, I shot him a "Really?" Glare and he responded. "Really! Once we arrive I promise one girl will ask for an autograph.I smiled and kept driving until I found a space. "Here we are!" I said unbuckling my seat-belt. Before I knew it, Harry opened the door for me. "Thank you!" I said before kissing his cheek. "No problem love." He said pulling back a strand of my brown curly hair behind my ear. I smiled and probably blushed which was hard to tell since I have light brown skin. He smiled before taking my hand. We walked up to the boys before Zayn looked at us. "Well someone likes Chantel." He said as he playfully punched his arm. Harry blushed which made me smile. We walked in and before I knew it people were taking pictures and girls were freaking out. Then a girl asked for and autograph. "Told you!" Louis said before taking a picture with the girl.

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