The Locked Doors Mistery

Is it true what they talk about the Haunted House in the street where only some old people live in? There is something weird happening in a little town in Santa Catarina, Brazil, and three brave (?) boys will try to reveal what is behind the locked doors of this macabre place.

This is not a simple story, it is almost a tribute to TRUE childhood that seems to be fading in this strange modern world. It's a story about adventure, imagination, egohistical phantons, some uncommon animals and everything else you can imagine.

You can find the original story, in portuguese, at this link:



Imaruí is a city at the south of Santa Catarina. About nine thousand people live in Imaruí. It’s a rural town.

Imagine a very peaceful place to life, except Canada and Alasca, where absolutely nothing happens. Imaruí is almost like that. Anyone can walk trough the streets without any fear or problem.

The nature is a very big attraction. The city is surrounded by hills, fact that contributes to us to gently give this place the nickname “hole”. The main square, next to the main catholic church of the town, gets heavily crowded during religious festivals.

There are schools, of course, and also antique and abandoned homes. Each street, each pub, each little place has a story to tell.

And it’s of course that the movement is a little slow. Small quantities of people walk trough the streets during any moment of the day. We should remember that the city is not that inhabited, and the most part of our inhabitants is constituted by the eldery.

Besides all that, everything written here is nothing more than mere fiction. Well, I don’t even know why I wrote this message in first place since NOTHING in the story that I will tell resembles to Imaruí, it’s people and culture.

Anyways, any resemblance with reality is nothing more than pure, strange and almost ridiculous coincidence.


Have a nice reading.

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