Crashed Love

I will not give anything away but this is a reaaaaallllly good book


5. Two Boys, Four Girls

When we got out of the car, I grabbed Harrys hand to let the screaming fans know he was mine. Sadie did the same to Liam. One girl even tried to slip her number into Harrys pocket. When we got inside, I grabbed the number from Harrys pants, and read it. It said,"Call me sexy! <3 <3 xoxo 3976258.". Man I was angry. I through it away though. "Some ones jealous!" Harry said. Sadie and I went to the bathroom. When we got in the bathroom, we heard these girls in the stall saying,"I get Liam and you can get Harry. We will get rid of those girls they were with.". Sadie and I were creeped out, so we left the bathroom. When we looked around for the boys. There were two girls by Harry and Liam that were really pretty. I could tell Sadie was ticked off.


Harry is P.O.V

Wow. These girls were pretty and funny! Liam and I couldnt stop laughing. "Umm, Harry!" Louis said. He pointed by the door, and I saw Sadie and Andy leaving. "Be right back ladies." Liam and I told the girls, Vannessa and Chloe. We ran out the door, and cought Andy and Sadie just in time. "Where are you guys going?" Liam told Sadie. "Umm we are just going to go home, we have stuff to take care of." Sadie said. "If you guys go. well g-" "Guys its ok, we are just going to go do something reall quick." Andy said. I could tell they saw us with those chicks. We saw them get into there car, and drive away.


Sadie is P.O.V

We decided to go to the place we were happy with. The mall. We went to Aeropostale, after I got a $200 dollar giftcard. We both split it, 100,100, and we got two perfume bottles, really pretty shirts, nice shoes, and jewelry. We went to Andreas place to try on our new clothes and accessaries. After trying on our new clothes the boys walked through the door. "Best ni-" "Shh.." Niall and Zayn said. I was assuming because they had a fun night hanging with those bratz. And by the look on Andys face, I could tell she thought that too. Harry and Liam walked through the door with the huge smile on their face. "Spill it!" I told Liam.


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