Crashed Love

I will not give anything away but this is a reaaaaallllly good book


8. R.I.P

Me, Louis, Niall, and Zayn drove to Andys house, to tell her she should brake up with him, but she wasnt there


Andy is P.O.V


I was driving with Sadie to go see a movie to get Harry off my mind. As we stopped at a redlight, I got a text from Harry: We are over, I love Chloe now. I started to cry. "Andy!!!"


Sadie is P.O.V

A car was at least driving 130 MPH and he hit us at a stop light. I had a huge cut on my neck from the seat belt, and I couldnt move at all. I felt my body was paralized. I looked to my left but my sight was blurry. Suddenly, i cought vision and Andy was dead! My eyes shut, as I was about to die.

Liam is P.O.V

I got a call from Andys uncle saying Sadie and Andy are in the hospital, and they are about to give up on Andy. The boys and I rushed to the hospital as I told them. A tear fell from my eye, when I saw Sadie. Suddenly Harry showed up. "Are they ok?!" Harry yelled. "So now you care." I told Harry everything. The doctor came in. "Do you know how this happened?" I asked. My eyes were watering so much, I could barely see a thing. "Actually we have Andys cell phone. Someone named Harry broke up with her, and in a discusting way too. "I would never." Harry stuttered. "When you were drunk." I told him. Suddenly, Andys heart beat stopped. All of us screamed NO! When they kicked us out. Harry was on his knees praying, when they came out. The doctor had a sad face. We knew what had happened. Andy died minutes ago. Harry couldnt stop crying and screaming, and neither could we.

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