Crashed Love

I will not give anything away but this is a reaaaaallllly good book


4. News

"Where exactly are we going?" Harry asked. "You will just have to see!" I told him. Soon, we entered a cave by the water. "Wow, where did you find this cave love?" Harry questioned. "My, my mom use to take me here when I was younger. But a couple years after, she died of cancer. "Im so sorry." Harry told me. "Its ok, but you cant tell anyone about this cave. This is me and my moms cave. Promise?" I asked. "Promise." Harry said. We looked out into the water. It was sparkly blue, and I couldnt help but cry. My mothers eyes were also a sparkly blue. Harry knew I was upset and he sat next to me, rubbing my back trying to make me feel better.


 We stared at the stars for hours, trying to find a constellation, and watching the waves move in. You could smell the water for miles. It was truely the most beautiful night. Soon we fell asleep. Text:Sadie: Hey girl where are you? I stopped by your house and you werent there. WHERE ARE YOU?! 0___0. I woke Harry up. "Harry, I have to go. Come on and on the way, I want to get you something." "You truely are the best girlfriend in the whole world.". I took him to his favorite sunglasses shop. I bought him really cool glasses, and we headed to my house.


As I opened the door to my house, Niall, Louis, Liam,Zayn and Sadie were all sitting down talking."Ummm whats going on?" Harry asked. "We have something to tell you." Sadie says. I am a little creeped out so Harry and I just sit down. "Liam and I are going out!" Sadie yells. "Cool where is the pizza you promised me-us.....? Niall states. We all laugh at Niall and then tell Sadie congrats. "YOUR CHEATING ON HIM!?"Louis yells. "UGGH I CANT EVEN TALK TO YOU!". "He broke up with me." Sadie tells Louis. "Ohhh..................................................CONGRADULATIONS!!!" Louis says. Zayn stares at Louis like he is retarded. "Where did you get those glasses Harry?" Zayn asks. "Andy got them for me."Harry says. "Awwwww. He loves her!" Louis says."Ohh lets go to BJ'S! My treat."Liam says. Everyone just ran in the car because BJ'S its a pretty expensive place. Harry, Zayn,Niall, and Louis got into one car, and Sadie, Liam and I got into mine.


As we arrived, it seemed One Direction fans were visiting BJ'S today. The crowded up the windows and blocked me from going. "Is this really what its like?" I asked Liam. "Usually." Liam answers. I really do not like being in a car with famous people!

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