Crashed Love

I will not give anything away but this is a reaaaaallllly good book


6. Its Over

Liam is P.O.V


I didnt know what to tell her. We were there for 2 hours and then left to go to the club for 2 hours. Chloe even kissed Harry but I dont think Harry should tell Andrea that. "Nothing really. We just ate there, then went to the club for a bit."I stuttered on the club part though. I really did not do a good job on the stuttering because Andy knew what I said. "What! What did you guys do there huh?" Andy asked. We all just started whistling. But trying to in a funny way so they wouldnt think its in the wrong way. They got pissed at us and ran out of the house. Harry looked at me and I looked at him back.


Andy is P.O.V


We ran out into the car. We got in and we went to the beach. "Why are we here? I have a secret mad place that I go to all the time. We should go there."Sadie told me. I just needed to go to the cave. I looked at Sadie, and she realized that me and my mom used to go to this cave. We sat in the cave, and started crying thinking about what Liam and Harry might have did to those girls. I just couldnt believe Harry and Liam might be cheating on us. We heard a noise coming into the cave, and it was Liam and Harry. "Guys were not cheating on you, and we only hung out with those girls because they are our fans! We couldnt imagine a life without you guys I love you Sadie." Liam told Sadie. Sadie ran over to him and gave him a hug and kissed him. I looked at Harry, and Harry told me,"Its true, and I love you!". I ran over to him and gave him a hug. "Guys lets just go." Liam said. I was thinking, are they freaking serious? They went to a club with really pretty girls knowing they have girlfriends, and something was going on with Harry. I could tell something was wrong with him by the look on his face.


The next morning, Sadie and I went out grocery shopping. I was still puzzled by Harry and the way he was acting. Sadies jaw dropped as she was looking into a magazine. "What are you looking at?"I asked. "Nothing really." She answered. Now she was confusing me just like Harry after we were done shopping and on our  way out, I looked at the magazine. HARRY KISSED THAT BRAT CHLOE! I felt like I wanted to die. I pretended I didnt see the magazine and I dropped off Sadie at her house, down the street of mine. When I got to my house, (like 2 seconds after I dropped her off) I was crying so hard, I thought my eyes would fall out. I ran to my car, and went to my cave. I sat there crying, regretting I took Harry in there, because now he knows were I come. I sat there, thinking about breaking up with him. I just was so angry I decided I wanted to.

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