Crashed Love

I will not give anything away but this is a reaaaaallllly good book


3. I Lo-ike Him!

Andy is P.O.V

I, I think I actually LOVE him. I will never tell him I do though, I made that mistake once. Suddenly I heard the door open, and I hoped it wouldnt be Justin. Harry walked in. "Hey babe. Whats wrong?" Harry asked me. I didnt want to say the wrong thing. "Just a bad dream."I told him. "Ahhh come on! Babe just tell me!" Harry screamed. "No." I laughed. He took me upstairs and through me on the bed. We were laughing and just hanging out. Harry kissed me on the cheek, and told me im his best friend. "I want to take you somewhere tonight." I told Harry. "Really, where?" Harry told me while wrapping his arms around my waist. "Its a suprise! Just be here by 7:30." I answered. "Alright babe, well I gotta go. See you at 7:30." Harry said. He kissed me on the lips and left. It was already 5:00 so I left to go to the mall.


I called Sadie up and said,"Hey gurly wanna hang at the mall? I got a date with Harry tonight!". "Ya! Come over and well go!". I picked her up and we left. We went to like every store in the mall and bought like everything in every store. The dress I am going to wear is a beautiful Fuchsia and it is a strappless beach dress. I turn to my right and see Sadie crying. "Sadie whats wrong!?" I asked her. Its not like her to cry when shopping. "Jake just dumped me for that stupid blonde Emme. I mean who rights there name with an E at the end! Who does that!" she cried. We left the mall right away and went to my house. I felt horrible. I heard a knock on my door. I opened the door and Liam was in front of me. "Hey babe here is your Ipod. Whats wrong with Sadie?" Liam asked. "Ohh her boyfriend just broke up with her. It came out of no where too! One second their highschool sweet hearts and another second, they hate eachother. But she loved him so im trying to make her feel better."I said. "Ohh, can I come in?" Liam asked. "Of course.". Liam walked over to Sadie and kissed her on the lips and told her everything was ok, and that she was beautiful, and amazing and that there was nothing to cry about. Liam took her with him when he left, and he kissed me goodbye. When they left, I got ready for the date.


I put on the beautiful beach dress and cute flip flops and straightened my hair. Harry opened the door and came upstairs when I was coming downstairs. We ran into eachother. "Woww, sorry. Wow you look beautiful!" Harry told me. "Your dont look bad yourself!" I told him. We held hands and We walked near the beach


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