Crashed Love

I will not give anything away but this is a reaaaaallllly good book


2. Dirty

I felt akward around Harry and I didnt know what to tell him. "Do you still have feelings for him?"Harry asked. "No, no way Harry, I love you." I told him. The thing was we just started dating and I have a feeling I just rushed it!!! "Same..." Harry told me. I was just scarred for life! Who says, Same...? I started crying in the car, but not enough where Harry could see it. We walked inside Nialls house. "Hey guys on the way home, I picked up a movie, and its really cool." Alright lets watch it!" Sadie said. Niall pushed the cd in, and we all sat on the couch. Harry sat next to someone else of course, and I just snuck out and left. When I got to my house, I just laid on the couch watching t.v and cried. Then I got a text from Harry that said Harry: Where are you babe? The movie is at a really good part?!. I texted him back that said, "Sorry, wasnt feeling to good." I think Harry knew what was going on. Then, I heard a knock on my door.


I opened the door and Justin was standing in front of me. "Andy I still love you! Please come back to me?!" He begged. "How did you find my house?" I said in tears from before. "Whats wrong?" Justin asked. I REALLY didnt want him here but I really needed a shoulder to cry on, and clearly Sadie didnt even notice I was gone. I let him in and I made some coffee. I told him what was going on with me and Harry and he actually seemed to listen. I saw the spot Harry punched him in and I cleaned it off. Suddenly something came to my mind. I WAS DRINKING COFFEE WITH MY EX WHEN I AM SEEING SOMEONE! I pushed him out the door. About 5 minutes later Harry came over. "Babe whats wrong?"Harry said. "NOTHING!" I said thinking he saw Justin and I JUST TALKING. Harry seemed puzzled. I invited him in and he saw two coffee cups on the table. "Who was here?" Harry asked. "Promise you wont be mad?" I questioned. I told him everything. He seemed kinda mad but I couldnt tell. He kissed me goodbye and started to head for the door. I started crying horribly. Harry must have heard me from outside but he came back in and rubbed my back and tolod me he loved me and we wasnt mad. I dont think he really meant he loved me though. Everyone can just say I love you but when they look you in the eyes and tell you, its different. Harry spent the night knowing I felt horrible. I woke up at 9:32 knowing Harry had a signing at 9:40! I woke him up and he got ready in time and left. Sadie walked in and sat on the couch with me. I told her everything about Justin, and she seemed confused on why I would do that. "Hey its alright!" Sadie kept telling me, but I knew it wasnt. sooned she left to meet up with her boyfriend, and I was left alone. I thought to myself,"Do I actually love Harry? Do I want to be with him the rest of my life?"


I didnt even know the answer to these questions and I knew it was to soon to think about it. I just closed my eyes, then sooned fell asleep. "Ahhhh!" I screamed. I woke in tears and had the worst dream anyone could have ever had. I dreampt Harry and I were in a fight and we hated eachother. I felt like I was going to have a heart attack. I went to get some water and watch t.v.  

Harry is P.O.V


I felt like she was cheating on me, but I didnt believe it, I couldnt believe it. I am just a little scared. Scared that she let Justin in her house and that she told me she loved me. I like her alot but I wasnt sure if I loved her and we just started dating so this stuff scares me. As I got to the signing, the fans went crazy. Everytime I looked up at a girl, all I could see was Andys beautiful blue eyes, and her amazing curly brown hair. I EVEN TRIED TO KISS A FAN! Luckily Zayn smacked me in the face and told the fan,"Sorry love but he is dating someone.". Every time I see Andy, I feel like we are the only two in the world. She is honest with me like when she told me about Justin and her hanging out, I would have never told someone that, not that I would do that. Its just........................I think I love her.

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