Prom Date

Kierha, goes to London to buy a prom dress a year before prom but while she's there she meets a guy who falls madly in love with her there are some accidents through out there meeting, after a while she dose not think its smart for them to continue see each other after a year when he shows up somewhere on a special day what will Kierha say to his question?


3. Wakey wakey..

 Niall P.O.V  the last thing i remember is seeing Kierha go through the wind shield.. Then the ambulance .. then her blood everywhere... then i just blanked out... "Niall??" "HELLO" ... "NIALLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!" i woke up and saw Liam, Harry, Zayn, and Louis all at my bed side "Hey guys" i said my voice shaking "what happen" i heard Liam say concerned "i crashed me car" "we know that!" harry said "why weren't you paying attention?" "the beautiful girl stole me attention she was so beautiful flirting with me and then bam im pressed up against the seat in my air bag"   "Niall oh my god" Louis said grabbing my hand "yeah but where is she?" "where's who?" Liam asked "kierha? she was with me she went through the wind shield?" "Niall we don't know??" Zayn responded looking at the other guys "find her for me now!" i demanded them as Harry got up and practically ran out of the room. "Niall try to rest" Liam said "im not- no not until i see her with me own two eyes you hear me!" i snapped back at him what if i killed her what is she's dead then what!??? then Harry ran into the room "Niall i found her" "where is she then??" "Niall she dose not look good!" i started to cry putting my hands over me face the nurse then walked in "hello Niall i see you are up now" "yes" "how are you feeling?" "im fine but what about the girl i was with kierha how is she" "lets just worry about you right now okay?" "the nurse said patting me on the back and then walking out then the doctor walked in "Niall your free to go we ran some tests and you can either stay here another night or leave any time today okay?" "okay Doc.. can i see kierha then?" "yes visiting hours for her don't start till an hour im afraid though." "alright then ill stay here for one more hour" i demanded "Alright then i leave you here then good bye and have a great day" he said waving and leaving out the door at all of us "your gonna wait here then?" Liam asked "yes!" i said back "would you like us to leave then?" "if you want im staying here for Kierha" "alright mate" harry said kissing the top of my head and leaving then zayn gave me a hug and Louis and Liam did the same.

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