Prom Date

Kierha, goes to London to buy a prom dress a year before prom but while she's there she meets a guy who falls madly in love with her there are some accidents through out there meeting, after a while she dose not think its smart for them to continue see each other after a year when he shows up somewhere on a special day what will Kierha say to his question?


17. The Fear Of Facing True Love.

"Okay class of 2012-2013 the dance will begin in one hour see you in the dance room guys" i heard the announcer inside the diploma room announce. i looked around yup i was standing by myself in a black hall way so i started walking back to the diploma room.

I took my seat and just sat there mute, like i was unable to talk i was silenced by fear of people laughing at me cause if i open my mouth its going to be all about Niall and how i hate him but i cant stop loving him and people don't want to hear me rant. 

"Kierha wanna dance?" Josh asked me holding out his hand and i smiled "i cant dance im fine just sitting here but thank you maybe Lisa would like to dance with you?" i said smiling and looking at lisa who smiled back at us and Josh took Lisa to the dance floor...

"Kierha stop playing with your food its meant to go in your mouth" Alexis said laughing "i know will you guess excuse me?" i said standing up then walking out of the dance. it just hurts to pretend like everything is okay when its not im alone and im sick of feeling this way i just wish i never met him cause then i wouldnt love him the way that i do..

i could hear a song playing in the room a song that was familiar and a boy singing the song like it was lips from an angel i knew who it was but some how i couldnt move his solo was coming up but why couldnt i move.. was it the fear of facing true love? was i still mute or would someone hear me and the song it was so relivant to what i was feeling it was like god went up to that boy and said since you broke her heart ill teach you how to repair it with a new set of tools. i didnt know what to expect if i walked into that door would girls just laugh and say hes singing to all of us not you kierha your nothing special.. cause maybe that is true and maybe i should just leave. 

"Go in the room Kierha" Harry said standing there right beside me "I cant" "yes you can take a step and go inside the room and see him face the feelings" "i cant harry its not that simple" "it can be if you want it to be" god why did he have to be so smart i hated that about him cause he can always just see right threw you it was hard to lie to him about what your feeling especially right now. 

so i took a step into the room...

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