Prom Date

Kierha, goes to London to buy a prom dress a year before prom but while she's there she meets a guy who falls madly in love with her there are some accidents through out there meeting, after a while she dose not think its smart for them to continue see each other after a year when he shows up somewhere on a special day what will Kierha say to his question?


4. Minor Things.

My P.O.V 

I woke up in a weird place and looked around where was i until i saw Niall sleeping in the chair beside my bed i had a bandage around my head and a cast around my foot all the way up to my knee "Niall" i said shaking his hair around he didn't move he was out sleeping like a baby i tried to get up to pee but my side hurt a lot i lifted up the blankets and i had a giant bruise all the way down my side. i touched it "OW" i said laying back down and putting my hand on Niall's which was on my bed then he looked up from the chair and rubbed his eyes "KIERHA YOUR AWAKE" he said jumping up from his chair "Yeah,, calm down its okay" i said laughing and holding his hand "so what are my injury's exactly?" i said looking at him curiously "well i don't quite know me self but the doctor should be in right away" "oh okay then" i said smiling and he smiled back "May I" he said pointing at the bed for permission to come and lay beside me "Sure if you want to" i said moving over and he came and layed beside me putting his arm around my neck and the other holding my hand and we sat there smiling at each other like idiots then the doctor walked in and me and Niall both looked up at him "Hey Kierha i see your awake your boyfriend there wouldn't leave until you woke up" he said laughing and i looked at Niall who was blushing like crazy but it was cute then i turned back to the Doctor "So umm what are my injury's?" he smiled and took out some x-ray papers "your ankle if you see here is fractured that's all in saying a month through foot therapy and you suffered some head trauma so ill right you a note for the foot therapy clinic and you should go there im saying twice a week to get off these crutches as soon as possible!" he said holding out crutches "Oh okay and when would i be able to leave then?" i said curiously "when ever you want either today or tomorrow" "okay thank you"i said sitting up and Niall put his hand on my back and help support me up and out of the bed. "thank you" i said grabbing his hand to help support myself on the ground "no problem love ill drive to where you need to go how bout" he said putting his arm around my back "umm you still have your license's?" i said laughing "yeah the guy swerved into us actually i didn't know that i thought it was my fault but then the police officer came into my hotel room and told me so i got my license back" "oh okay" i said smiling and walking to the bathroom to change into my normal clothes.

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