Prom Date

Kierha, goes to London to buy a prom dress a year before prom but while she's there she meets a guy who falls madly in love with her there are some accidents through out there meeting, after a while she dose not think its smart for them to continue see each other after a year when he shows up somewhere on a special day what will Kierha say to his question?


15. He's Here...

I turned around and meet eyes with... Harry? i looked at his hand on my shoulder and then to his eyes "what are you doing here.." i asked him with tears in my eyes again now "Its Niall.." "what about Niall.." i asked him rolling my eyes "he ran away and we don't know where he went.." "well does it look like that's my problem any more?" "kierha if you still loved him you would help us find him!" 

i did still love Niall but it was my prom night did he want me to just drop everything for him and so that he can feel hole and alright so there little band can be alright omg we lost Niall.. there the biggest band right now shouldn't they be able to find him them selves seriously.

"kierha please.." harry said looking at me "Its my prom night harry im sorry no.." i said turning and walking away "KIERHA ITS NIALL" he yelled behind me.. and i stopped in my tracks "i know"i said quietly "if you cared you'd help" i started to cry more now and i felt arms wrap around me "i know you hurt right now but so does Niall we never seen him  the way he's been acting before in are life kierha please" he said in my ear and i stopped crying then turned and looked at harry "where you creeping on me and kalah are hole conversation?" "no i just got here and walked in the school?" Harry's shadow must have went over that person who was staring at us "harry i think i know where Niall is.." i said looking at harry..


"he's here...."

"what where?"

"i don't exactly know that part.." i said looking around "ill go this way you go that way at we will look for him okay?" harry said looking at me "ughh fine.." i said walking down the huge black hallway disapering into  the darkness...

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