Prom Date

Kierha, goes to London to buy a prom dress a year before prom but while she's there she meets a guy who falls madly in love with her there are some accidents through out there meeting, after a while she dose not think its smart for them to continue see each other after a year when he shows up somewhere on a special day what will Kierha say to his question?


11. Forever and Always

"mom your gonna love him he is so great" my mom rolled her eyes at me "i know he's all you talk about" she said putting the rest of the door on the table and i heard the door bell rang and i clapped my hands "wait here" i said smiling at my mom and running to open the door.

i opened the door and saw Niall with a present bag in his hands when he saw me he just dropped his bag and grabbed me by the waist and kissed me roughly like he missed me a lot! then we backed away and looked in each others eyes before my mom interrupted us "sorry to ruin your guys little moment but im Kierha's mom" she said smiling shaking Niall's hand he smiled at her "it's great to meet you your daughter talks a lot about you" he said smiling and she smiled back as we walked to the dining room and me and Niall sat down at the table and we all talked.

after Diner Niall and i went up to my room and i called to my mom "Is it okay if Niall sleeps in the spare room tonight?" i asked her smiling and kissing Niall as we reached my room "i guess so" she said serious trying to scare us or something i layed on my bed and looked at my ceiling where i noticed my sister put a picture of Niall "what the hell" i said sitting up and looking at it and he looked at it to and put his hand over his mouth and laughing "i did not put that there i swear" i said serious putting my hands on my hips still looking at it "yeah sure i believe you" he said winking at me "im serious i didn't." i said looking away from him "what's wrong?" he asked me walking closer "nothing" i said getting off the bed and walking past him but he grabbed my wrist and swung me back around and into him "tell me" he said are lips almost touching and he was looking down at me "I feel... like you don't want me.." he pushed me back and looked at me with wide eyes "w-what?" i looked up at him shy his hands on my shoulders as he looks at me like im stupid "yeah." "are you kidding me you want to wait and i respect you for it that's why i don't like jump and attack you like Harry would do that pervert" he said laughing trying to make it less awkward then we heard a knock at the door and Niall turned around and ran behind the door... "hey kierha just checking on you making sure there's no funny business" "okay" "and is Niall in his room" "yeah" "okay ill go check" "WAIT!" "what?" she turned around confused "umm He has diarea yeah really messy don't want that well see you tomorrow mom" i said pushing her out and closing the door and looking at Niall who had his arms crossed and his eyes brows wide "what?" i asked confused "diarea that's the best you could come up with thank you for making me and your mom's relationship son much moire awkward" i just laughed and hugged him.

then we layed in my bed looking at each other and he put his hand on my face "i love you baby" he said smiling "i love you too" i said smiling "forever and always" he said holding his pinky out and i connected mine with his "forever and always" as we shook are pinky's together. that was something we always said to each other to make sure they were okay. and that we will grow old together well that's what Niall said the first day we feel in love. 

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