Why is this happening to me.

When Andrea was 15 she was waking home to her house for the moment when all the sod in a black van pulled up and the next thing she new was she was on a plan when she got off the plane and waked out of the airport she meets a guy how try to help her.
Will he or will he not be able to?


5. getting out

Andrea p.o.v


As I talked to Harry some more and fond out more about him I came to find my self falling for him more more. One of the security guards came in and said I was free to go as I was going to level when I herd Harry say “well now that you can go would you like to come with me to see the boys” “um ya share it not like I have anyone else here” I said



Harry p.o.v


I got her to come with me to see the boy but when I got to the house with her nobody was there so I taxied Louis to ask were they wore and he didn’t respond which kina maid me navies “were is everyone at” Andrea act “I have no idea” I said back then I got a text from a unknown number I read it in my head “if you ever what to see your friends a gain you will bring me the girl to 8596 lone path in London. Oh and how do u live with these boys there are all wises complaining im hugger, you have no carrots, I what my mirror back” tows words capped on replaying in my head do I tried in the girl I fence and get my friends back or do I let them do what ever they are doing to my friends and keep the girl. I have a idea I went and got a barclet and put a tracking device on it and gave it to Andrea

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