Why is this happening to me.

When Andrea was 15 she was waking home to her house for the moment when all the sod in a black van pulled up and the next thing she new was she was on a plan when she got off the plane and waked out of the airport she meets a guy how try to help her.
Will he or will he not be able to?


6. chapter 6


Harry pov


So I made up my mind on what im going to do im going to have Andrea eat a tracking device and then im going to give her to throws loons then at night im going to kid nap her back.

I really want to know why throw loons want her so badly I wounder if she knows? “hey Andrea” “yes Harry” “do you know why throws people are after you?” “um yah see know one of throws guys is my ex boyfriend and is mad at me coz I broke up with him because I wouldn’t sleep with him so now he after me  because of it” wow that so stupid kidnap someone coz they wont have sex with you



                            Three hours later


I want to the place were the loons told me to bring here when I went to knock on the door it opened and I see Liam all tied up and browsed all up and he looked and me with hopefull eyes I ran up to him and untied him and when I trend around Andrea was gone.




Hey guys lexi here sorry I haven’t updated soon I haven’t really had any ideas.

I was wondering if any of you would maybe like to co anther with me um coz im don’t know what to do next so if you want to just levee a comment with a idea that you think and I will tell you who it will be with in one of the new chapters


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