Why is this happening to me.

When Andrea was 15 she was waking home to her house for the moment when all the sod in a black van pulled up and the next thing she new was she was on a plan when she got off the plane and waked out of the airport she meets a guy how try to help her.
Will he or will he not be able to?


2. airport secred

Harry p.o.v

I tooled Louie what happened about the girl and how she fell but it seemed like as if she ran I feet like she was running with my hart in her hand. I don’t know why I had just met her I didn’t even know her name. “Well I thick you need to ask Paul to find her I’m should he can pull up the video of her running and identify her” Louis said “ why did I not thick of that I will go call him” I said. After I got off the phone with Paul Louis act “what did he say” “he said he would see what he would do”,

The next day I got a call from Paul saying “that he fond her and to come in asap” I got to his offies as fast as I could “her name is Andrea” Paul said that was such a pretty name I thout to my self and he also said that secured had fond her before these 2 man could get he so she is still at the airport and that he had maid it so to go see her.




Andrea p.o.v

I was in this small room still at the airport but anything was batter then being in the haids of throws guys hands all the sodden the door opens and I hid uner the table just I thout it may have been throws guys but then I here a voice that did not sond like throws so I looked up and saw the boy how I had fall in on to yesterday.    

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