Why is this happening to me.

When Andrea was 15 she was waking home to her house for the moment when all the sod in a black van pulled up and the next thing she new was she was on a plan when she got off the plane and waked out of the airport she meets a guy how try to help her.
Will he or will he not be able to?


3. airport conversation

Andrea p.o.v


I got up from the under the table and sat in the char. I had no idea how he was or what he wanted the next thing I know was he was saying “hi im Harry” I looked at him with a confused. “an’t u in one direction” I act “yes” Harry said then I said “ohhh” “but you never did tell me what your name is” Harry said



Harry p.o.v



“oh my name is Andrea” the girl Andrea said “ok so when can you leave here” I act her ond she just looked at me with her brown eyes and then she opened her mouth but nothing came out then a minute later sheacd “ why do you what to know”


Andrea p.o.v


He is so cute no I can’t fall for him he’s famish and he probly has a girlfriend and rememb what happen last time you fell for a gut “coz I what to to get to know you “ he said braking my train of thought.

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