Why is this happening to me.

When Andrea was 15 she was waking home to her house for the moment when all the sod in a black van pulled up and the next thing she new was she was on a plan when she got off the plane and waked out of the airport she meets a guy how try to help her.
Will he or will he not be able to?


1. black van

Andrea p.o.v

I was waking back to my foster mom house when all the sod in a black van puled up and act if I wanted a rid I said no thanks and stared waking home a gain but when I terd a round the black van was still following we so I tiered down a ally was and stared running I looked back and the van was still following me and then there was a wall.

 When I woke up I was on a plane when the plane landed I ran from the people how had kidnapped me and fell into this boys arms when I look at him I got lost in his green eyes and his curly brown hire he look really confuted when I fell in his arms I saw his lips move but I did not here any thing. “I’m really sorry” “it ok” he said then he act what I was running from then I saw the guys how brought me here I said them and pointed at the people how kidnapped me and ran.


Harry p.o.v

This girl fell into my arms I could see that she was running from something or someone when I act she pointed to someone behind me I looked back and see 2 guys in suits and they stared running toured us I look back at the girl and she was gone I see a glimps of here face one last time and she had a look of horror on her face.        

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