Confessions of an Awkward Person

Noah is awkward. Yeah, thats about it. This is his life.


4. Walking together took the best type of forever

The walk home took longer than it ever had before, and I had never been more grateful for it. We laughed together and talked together, and it was all lovely. I noticed the small things about her, the way her mouth moved when she talked, how she moved her hands gracefully when she spoke, and how her eyes had a tiny hint of sadness, not in a depressing way, but in a curious way.

"So what school do you go to?" she asked, as she told me how she went to Elizabeth Woodville not far from my house.

"Sandford, by the canal?" Sandford was an immensly posh school compared to EW. All of the kids at EW had an awful reputation, all of them very rough and likely to beat me up if i even uttered the word 'hi'.

"Ah, so your a Sandford snob?" she said teasingly, and that was infact our nickname. Even though EW kids had a bad reputation, Sandford may be even worse. All middle class and posh, all of them were immensly stuck up.

"Oh haha," I joked sarcastically, "I am infact not, my grandad left my mother a very large amount of money, which is the reason why I have a big house and go to a fancy school. I don't think you could ever meet a more common family."

"Oh, is that a competition pretty boy?" she said.



Now I know that she was joking around now, but did she just call me 'pretty'

Awh, omg, she thinks I am pretty, she likes me, she thinks I am cute she said so earlier andnowIamtalkingtooquicklyeveninmyheadthisiscompletelyridiculousNoahchillplease.

Oh my life Noah focus, she is talking to you and this is what you are focusing on?!

After my short breakdown, we had a lovely conversation, and I somehow managed to make it home, talking the whole time, and not making a fool of myself (well, I did trip over a stone, but I don't think she noticed, even though I swore pretty loudly when I did, what it hurt okay?!)

When we reached my door, she stared into my eyes intently, and then left with a quick goodbye.

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