Confessions of an Awkward Person

Noah is awkward. Yeah, thats about it. This is his life.


3. The beautiful Ava

Worse. Introduction. Of. My. Life.


She had seen me jump down to the floor. She thought it was cute, and what did I say when she said that?

"adkkakjsdnfjaeoef *mumble mumble*"

She thought it was funny, and giggled a bit. She has a beautiful laugh, her whole face light up, her smile could light even the darkest room.

After the awkwardness of that short conversation, she introduced herself as "Ava."

Her name suits her perfectly. When she said her name, you couldn't think of another name to describe her. She looks like an Ava aswell. She has this beautiful light skin, quite pale, almost ghostly. she has beautiful long blonde hair, but not a bright, fake blonde, and dirty, natrual, beautiful blonde. She has piercing green blue eyes, with tiny hints of every other colour in the world. She was, just, Ava.

She managed to draw conversation out of me, like no-one, not even Dylan, had ever done before. She managed to keep the conversaton light and happy, and highly interesting.

"I will be back in about 2 minutes," she said, getting up smiling, after about sitting with me for about 20 minutes, and I explained that I probably should be getting home soon. After exactly two minutes, she came back, already wearing her coat, and wrapping her woolly scarf loosely around her neck.


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