Confessions of an Awkward Person

Noah is awkward. Yeah, thats about it. This is his life.


1. Right, she totally checked me out.

Right. I'm so not going mad here. She stared at me as I walked past. She totally checked me out.

Sorry, I should probably explain a little more. Okay, so I'm Noah. I am a nerd. I am clumsy. I have the social skills of a stick of celery. That is no exaggeration. I am really shy. I find it hard to talk to anyone. Especially girls.

Right, so the girl who was checking me out. She works in the music store. She is super pretty. Whenever I go in there, she always smiles at me, and her blonde hair just falls perfectly..

FUCK. Ah that really hurt, I think I have just broken my head. Okay, I just walked into a lampost. These things should be painted brighter so you can see them. Especially when you are daydreaming. Oh gosh I am going to need surgery. My brain may never be the same again. Oh wait..I think..I might live. Yep, I can still walk.

Anyway, so the music store is my favourite store of all time. Tucked behind all of the high street stores, it's really quiet, and you can really get work done in there. I am musical. I play the piano, guitar, violin, clarinet and even the castanets (please dont ask, my mother forced me.) Going in and seeing her is a bonus.

Just one problem- I don't even know her name..

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