Confessions of an Awkward Person

Noah is awkward. Yeah, thats about it. This is his life.


2. Introductions

"omg ahahahahahaha"


"that is the worst thing i have ever heard"

This was all I heard all day. I told my best friend, Dylan, about the music store girl. And this is what I got. I knew I shouldn't have told him, he thought it was the funniest joke out there.

"I can't actually believe you are in love with her," he said, for about the 40th time at lunch whilst we were grabbing out food.

"I'm not in love with her, I just, you know, like her," I said, tring to act as smooth as i could after dropping my cutlery all over the floor. "Oh, I'm sure, except that you totally love her. And you don't even know her name!"

I probably shouldn't have told him that part. Woops, bad life choice that was.

After a day of torture from Dylan, I decided to go in to the music store, my ordered books should have arrived and music store girl shouldn't be in there. It's her day off. Okay, that sounded less creepy and stalker-ish in my head.

Music is one of the best things in the world. It's one of the few things that can honestly make you forget everything wrong with your life, and think of the good things, and gives you confidence to do anything.

Shit, okay calm. Thinking of this in my head, music store girl walks in. I throw myself to the floor like a douchebag, just hoping she didn't see me before. Just as I decide this will maybe be enough time, I slowly lift my head above the shelf, only to see her perfect eyes staring directly into mine.

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